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Blender Container RIO /...

Price / piece.

Made of tear-resistant polycarbonate, this container has easy-to-read gradations for accurate measurement of ingredients.

Includes the complete cutting and cap assembly.

BPA-free copolyester container

Fits new blender models: 255 RIO and 455 TANGO.


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Polycarbonate AirWhip...

Price per piece. 

The 751 AirWhip blender cup is a special cone, which can be used for frothing milk, liquid cream or milk shake, thanks to the agitator cone assembly.

If you already have a high-performance Hamilton Beach blender, you can expand your commercial blender's skill set with the AirWhip Frothing Jar accessory.

The 1.4 liter polycarbonate cup is perfectly sized for small or single serving batches.


  • Hamilton Beach Eclipse - HBH750 and HBH755
  • Hamilton Beach Tempest - HBH650 (with JP750 Blender Adapter Gasket)
  • Hamilton Beach Fury - HBH550 (with JP750 Blender Adapter Gasket)
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RIO® Blender [Hamilton...

Price / piece.

Here is the NEW 255 model, which changes the old model of 250. 

Unit comes with base, one lid, one BPA-free co-polyester jar, Sure Grip™ feet, and blade assembly.

In addition to being easy to use, a bar blender’s durability is extremely important. Hamilton Beach Commercial® high-quality bar blenders are built to last, so businesses can keep doing what they do best: serve delicious drinks.


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TANGO® Blender [Hamilton...

Price / piece

Filled with ice or frozen fruit, it doesn't matter - Tango can!

The Tango® High Performance Blender gives you extra help with drinks at the bar.

Instead of just paying attention to the blender, Tango's adjustable timer automatically shuts off the blender so you can do something else.

Patented Wave ~ Action® system

Powerful 2.4 hp engine *

Lid opening sensor and container alignment sensor.

Watertight switches and adjustable timer

1.4 L BPA-free copolyester container

Durable metal coupling


lei 3,320.45 Price


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