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250 HBB RIO Blender -...

The stainless steel blade design continuously forces your mixture into the blades, ensuring that there are never chunks of ice or other product leftover at the end of the blending process. 

Width: 6 1/2"

Depth: 8"

Height: 16"

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Cutter Unit Assembly -...

Cutter Unit Assembly - HBB250 RIO, Hamilton Beach Blender.

Keep your Hamilton Beach HBB250 or HBB250S bar blender in premium working condition with this 98250 repair kit! This repair kit comes with a cutting assembly, clutch, gasket, and retainer nut to make sure your unit is ready for anything.

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HJE960 OTTO™ Juice...

OTTO™ is a centrifugal juicer, optimized to maximize the flavor and juice yield of fruits and vegetables. Designed to be operator-friendly, like a large diameter feed chute, easy-reach height, parts that are easy to clean, and a safety interlock that turns off the motor and stops the blade before the lid can be opened.

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Polycarbonate AirWhip...

Price per piece. 

The 751 AirWhip blender cup is a special cone, which can be used for frothing milk, liquid cream or milk shake, thanks to the agitator cone assembly.

If you already have a high-performance Hamilton Beach blender, you can expand your commercial blender's skill set with the AirWhip Frothing Jar accessory.

The 1.4 liter polycarbonate cup is perfectly sized for small or single serving batches.


  • Hamilton Beach Eclipse - HBH750 and HBH755
  • Hamilton Beach Tempest - HBH650 (with JP750 Blender Adapter Gasket)
  • Hamilton Beach Fury - HBH550 (with JP750 Blender Adapter Gasket)
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Maner Negru Portafiltru pentru modele Brasilia, Astoria, Fiorenzato. Din plastic ABS - (agreat in industria alimentara) rezistent la caldura, de la producatorul MOTTA.

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RETRO Espresso Machine

  • Type: Espresso Coffee Maker
  • Housing  Material: Aluminum
  • Power (W): 1260
  • Voltage (V): 220-230
  • Model Number: 210
  • Color: Red
  • Pump: Italian ULKA
  • Pumppressure: 10 bars
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • N.W./G.W.: 8.5 
    • KG / 9.7 KG
    • Water Tank Capacity: 1L
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Shower Screen Ø 48mm (San...

Price / piece. 

Espresso machine shower screen.

Suitable for San Marco, Astoria PLUS4U, Wega Concept brands.

Outer diameter: 48 mm

Inner Diameter: 5 mm

No Holes: 166

Hole diameter: 1.7 mm

Made in Italy

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"CIAO" SPINEL - Coffee machine

Are you looking for the perfect coffee machine for your needs but do not really know how to orient yourself, among the thousands of models available? Without any doubt the Spinel CIAO coffee machine in color White is a jewel made in Italy. Compact, essential but absolutely elegant and refined, suitable for modern environments as well as those more traditionalists, if we look at aesthetics. 

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