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Jigger GINZA 25 /50 ml,...

The mirrored Black plating makes it elegant and attractive.

An indispensable object for every bartender, easy to use, which guarantees a perfect measurement.

Measurements 25 - 50 ml - internal 15 - 35 ml

Plated products should not be washed in a dishwasher.


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(€ / piece)

Shaker made of 3 pieces. Unique design due to the black color with stripes applied in depth.

New York Shaker has the same utility as a Boston Shaker, the difference being that this Cobbler consists of 3 pieces:

- shaker / tin proper;

- "built-in strainer" built-in filter;

- lid, which in some models works as a jigger / graduated glass.

It is preferred by amateurs, being easier to use.

The shaker is made of stainless metal. 0.7 L

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Straight Metal Straws...

The Straight Black Metal Straws are part of the plastic free revolution!
With an ever classy jet black steel finish and reusable design, these metal straws are perfect for providing an environmentally friendly option for serving drinks.

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Jigger GINZA 25 /50 ml,...

JAPANESE STYLE JIGGER 25ML / 50ML - Gunmetal Black

Interior markings at 15ml and 35ml.

Precise Measurments,

Made of 18/8 Gunmetal Black Stainless Steel

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KORIKO GunMetal Black -...

KORIKO GunMetal - Hawthorne Strainer, Developed by Don Lee

• Made for intense use

• Designed to make it easy to do a true split pour

• Fits large and standard mixing glasses

• Black Gunmetal

• Not dishwasher safe

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Metal Straw - GunMetal...

Every day we use millions of plastic straw, which will inevitably get into the rubbish and degrade in hundreds of years.

Choose these stainless steel straws, reusable for beverage consumption and help maintain a healthy environment on the planet.

They can be cleaned with water jet and special brushes. Do not scratch the surface ! NOT dishwasher safe !

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