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Book - 100 Cocktail Recipes

100 Cocktail Recipes book features one hundred of the most classic alcoholic drinks recipes to get you started in the world of mixology.

With a complement of exclusive full colour images, we have produced this essential cocktail compilation as the ultimate home bar companion.

lei 32.70 Price


"Japanese bartenders ... devote a great deal of energy to honing their skills and ... know that maximum effort translates into a richer experience for the guest ... i personally believe the best cocktails in the world are to be found today in Japan ..."

Kazuo Uyeda

lei 128.51 Price

Book - PICKLE Juice by...

(€ / piece)

A revolutionary approach to making better tasting cocktails and drinks

With fund ideas for shrubs, vinegars, Bloody Marys and chasers as well as other inventive ways you can serve up your homemade pickled drinks, Pickle Juice will elevate your home bar and transform the way you drink – forever.

lei 114.45 Price

Book [EN] - HAIR of the DOG...

(€ / piece).

Bartender Salvatore Calabrese offers insight to why we get hangovers and how to prevent them. With fantastic recipes, some a hair of the dog staple, others will be completely new to you. There are even some non-alcoholic offerings if you really cannot stomach any more booze. Full of witty quotes and advise from experts. There is even a detox plan and a scale to judge you hangover by.

  • 128 pages
  • Hardcover
lei 87.75 Price

Book [EN] - TEQUILA (Myth,...

Price / piece. 

Experience the mystique of tequila!

Including 40 recipes for food and drink, Tequila aims to transform the blue agave plant, grown in a single region of Mexico, into a unique and varied spirit, from blanco to reposado, to anejo.

More than just the choice and basis for margaritas, tequila is a liqueur rich in history and traditions.

Created from the distilled juice of the blue agave plant, tequila boasts a long-standing fame and a prized position in Mesoamerican society.

To properly enjoy and appreciate this drink, we must first follow its creation and development.

In Tequila, the history, manufacture, tasting and appreciation are explored in depth.

lei 93.45 Price

Set of 6 AROMAS + BARISTA...

Price / set. 

Jean Lenoir from France is an expert in the field of sensory analysis of wine and coffee.

The brand that has been associated with the highest level of experience and knowledge about the organoleptic evaluation for over 30 years.

Today, the mentioned knowledge is available to every barista who wants to develop his passion.

The set contains 6 special flavors + 1 Barista book (English).

lei 167.79 Price

Book - The Curious...

Creating truly sublime cocktails can take a lifetime to master but with The Curious Bartender you can get a head start on the competition.

London cocktail mastermind, Tristan Stephenson, takes you through the art of preparing the perfect cocktail, explains the science behind the flavours and alchemy of the ingredients, and tells you all about the fascinating modern turns mixology has taken.

lei 140.52 Price

Book - Ultimate BAR BOOK...

The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails!

Ultimate Bar Book is the first and only guide to classic and new drink recipes. Loaded with essential-to-know topics such as barware, tools, and mixing tips, this book has it all. 

lei 98.03 Price


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