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CARATS Stirring/ Mixing...

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Informative: 6 pieces per box

Capture the attention of guests with this gorgeous Mixing / Stirring Glass - Carats from Libbey

Libbey maintains a high standard of elegant and durable products. This Mixing Glass is a "must-have" for every bartender in any restaurant or bar.

The design is a mixture of small and large diamonds.

Its volume of 747 ml allows you to prepare 2 cocktails at once to save time and energy. In addition, the rather accentuated beak facilitates simple and elegant casting.

Don't forget to order your main accessory: Japanese bar Spoon!

lei70.81 Price

SAKURA Mixing/ Stirring...

SAKURA - Japanese Mixing Glass for mixing cocktails using stirr method.

High quality metal product.

NICO de SOTO Special Edition.

Double-walled and vacuum insulated for temperature consistency of prepared drinks!

lei328.44 Price

TATTOO Stirring/ Mixing...

Make a permanent addition to your mixology with the Tattoo Mixing Glass, decorated with retro tattoo imagery.

This handmade glass mixing jug features straight sides for easy stirring, and a handy pouring spout on the rim.

lei95.20 Price


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