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AMERICA '20s Stirring Glass [BORMIOLI] 790ml Quick view
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AMERICA 20's Stirring Glass...

Price / piece.

Informative: 6 pieces / set.

This drinking glass is part of an elegant collection, inspired by the 1920s, which brings the charm of fashionable American jazz bars to this day: where the conversation was about art and the atmosphere was of unprecedented novelty and excitement.

The products are characterized by an elegant and original vintage style.

In addition, the engineered glass creates light effects in the glass that enhance the colors of cocktails and other drinks.


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DIAMOND Stirring Glass [UrbanBAR] 700ml - Metal Quick view
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DIAMOND (Metal) Stirring...

Price / piece.

This metal container is designed for mixing liquids by the "STIRR" method and has double walls.

The unique design includes a classic diamond engraved motif on the outside.

The high-quality steel double layer insulates the drink, preventing the ice from melting too quickly, so that your cocktails can cool efficiently without becoming too dilute.

UrbanBAR 18/8 steel not only looks premium with a shiny finish, is food safe, but also has excellent corrosion resistance.

Color printed gift box.


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Price / piece.

Named after Pheidias, the famous Greek sculptor from the era of Pericles, one of the most important representatives of the classical period in Greek culture.

This copper-plated mixing glass is ideal for mixing large volumes of cocktail ingredients.

Its heavy base ensures resistance to more vigorous mixing while maintaining the beauty of the eccentric finish.

Galvanized metallic copper finish on the outside.

Vintage model design.

*Any scratches on the surface result from the galvanizing process. It is NOT a damaged product!


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SAKURA (Metal) Stirring...

Price / piece.

Designed in collaboration with Nico de Soto

• The engraving shows a cherry blossom (the symbol of Japan)

• 18/8 stainless steel

Made by Cocktail Kingdom


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TATTOO Stirring Glass...

Price / piece.

TATTOO Stirring / Mixing Glass for mixing Cocktails by stirr method.

It is made by hand from glass, it has straight walls and a prominent casting beak, for easy casting.

Make a permanent addition to your mixology with the Tattoo Mixing Glass, decorated with amazing handmade tattoo designs. 

Ideal volume for preparing 2-3 drinks at once: 600ml.



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TIKI Stirring Glass...

Price / piece.

Add a decorative piece of resistance to your set of utensils and accessories for mixologists with this Tiki Mixing Glass from UrbanBAR.

Features tiki icons to bring a tropical aesthetic to your cocktail making process!

Product features:

Elegant cocktail mixing glass with tropical tiki graphics.

High quality silicon glass, handmade.

Heavy base for stability when mixing.

Prominent pouring spout for precise dosing of the produced liquid.

Color printed gift box.


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TIMELESS Stirring Glass [PASABAHCE] 725ml  52849 Quick view
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TIMELESS Stirring Glass...

Price / piece.

Informative: 6 pieces / box.

Timeless Mixing Glass for mixing cocktails by stirr method.

Its 725 ml volume allows you to prepare 2 cocktails at once to save time and energy.

In addition, the rather accentuated beak facilitates simple and elegant casting.


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YARAI Premium (Metal)...

Price / piece.

It is made of premium 304 stainless steel.

Unique design with Diamond pattern.

The brushed metallic silver finish of 304 steel is elegant. It won't break, it won't rust, and it won't crack like glass or plastic.

Double walls so your drinks stay cold or hot without irritating condensation while you pour delicious drinks!

It will add style and a cool atmosphere to your bar

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YARAI Stirring Glass - 700ml

Price / piece.

Japanese YARAI Mixing Glass for mixing Cocktails by the stirr method.

Ideal volume for 2-5 drinks: 700ml.

Professional mixing glass, 3D transparent texture.

Designed by bartenders, this glass is diamond-cut with a 700ml capacity to make one or more cocktails at once and fits perfectly into any standard Hawthorne or Julep cocktail strainer.

Dishwasher safe for home and commercial use.

Don't forget to order your main accessory: Japanese bar Spoon!

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YARAI Stirring Glass...

Price / piece.

Combining style and durability, the Japanese YARAI Mixing Glass for stirr drinks is an essential element of mixology.

It has a heavy base for a bold look, reminiscent of classic Japanese design.

Prominent casting beak.

Ideal volume of 700ml, high mixing capacity of several drinks.


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BOSTON (Polycarbonate) SHAKING Glass [UrbanBAR] 500ml Quick view
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BOSTON (Polycarbonate)...

Price / piece.

Remove the dangers of broken glass with this perfect, type plastic cup. Boston.

Made of durable polycarbonate, this mixing glass container withstands the rigors of frequent use.

It is ideal for transport to competitions.

The rounded lip ensures that this glass does not scratch the inside of the shaker.

Matte textured exterior for increased grip.

Shock resistant.

Designed to fit all standard Boston shakers.


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Boston SHAKING Glass...

Price / piece.

Informative: 24 pieces per set.

450 ml Mixing Glass / Boston Glass. This Boston glass is used at Shaker Boston.

Shaker Boston is sold separately.


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CARATS Stirring Glass...

Price / piece.

Informative: 6 pieces per box

Capture the attention of your guests with this superb Mixing / Stirring Glass - Carats from Libbey

Libbey maintains a high standard in terms of elegant and durable products.

This Mixing Glass is a "must-have" for every bartender in any restaurant or bar.

The design is a mix between small and large diamonds. With its volume of 747 ml, it allows you to prepare 2 cocktails at once to save time and energy. In addition, the fairly accentuated beak facilitates simple and elegant castings.

Don't forget to order your main accessory: Japanese bar Spoon!


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Mr SLIM (Metal) Stirring...

Price / piece. 

Mr SLIM - Japanese Metal Mixing Glass, for mixing Cocktails by stirr.

This stirring glass is a bartending tool inspired and made by the Japanese, used to prepare classic cocktails by "stirr" methods, such as Martini and Manhattan.

Possibly the most popular mixing glass in the world of cocktails, used by professionals.

- METAL !!! (does not break!)

- 580 ml

- beak for easy casting

- double walls for suitable thermal insulation

- Fits perfectly with julep strainer and Hawthorne strainer of standard sizes


Handwash only with liquid detergent!

After washing, wipe with a soft cloth.


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NEOPRENE Protective Sleeve...

Price / piece.

• Soft protective cover for 500ml and 550ml mixing glasses (slim fit)

* you have to buy the mixing glass separately!

• From now on you can transport stirring / mixing glasses safely to prevent breakage

• Neoprene


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