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Bartender Kit - Bag 9 products.

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Price / piece.

(The bag is empty (!), you can order the utensils and accessories separately.)

This ROLL type bag is the perfect partner of any bartender.

Made of  PVC, provided with handle and removable shoulder strap.

With the help of the elastic bands inside, you can organize all the utensils and accessories in their place.

It is equipped with ventilation holes on both sides, in this way you avoid moisture inside.

With this bag you will be able to carry all essential utensils and accessories.

It is sold without utensils, so you don't have to buy duplicates of the already existing utensils.

(*The pictures are for informational purposes only.)

Clean ONLY with a wet cloth.

lei 249.90 Price

BARISTA BOX Starter Kit...

Price / Full set.

This is our new Baristabox,stacked with a small range from our Barista Tools.

Product information: Include 1 piece of each

► Milk Jug / Barista Pitcher 350ml

► Milk Pitcher 90ml

► Shotglass for setting the liquid volume

► Squeeze Bottle for Latte Art, 30ml

► Portafilterbrush

► Groupbrush Basic


lei 139.94 Price

Barware Set for Bartenders...

Price / set.

The ideal gift for beginner bartenders!

The set contains:

1 x Muddler MIC Black, 22cm - Plastic Muddler

2 x Pourer Metal 285 W - Drip Stopper with Rubber Blades

1 x Jigger CLASSIC 25 / 50ml - BAR measure, made of Metal

1 x Simple Strainer - 2 Legs - Cocktail Strainers

1 x Boston Shaker Plain, 28oz with Weight

1 x Shaker Speed Tin - 16oz with Weight

1 x Bar Spoon with Penny at the end

This set of barware is the ideal gift for novice bartenders or even for home use.

On the box you can even find the recipe of some well-known cocktails.


lei 129.42 Price

BELLAGIO Barista Bag -...

BELLAGIO Barista Box - Accesories (Different Colors)

Made in Italy. Practical and elegant box contains: s. steel professional  class tamper, milk pitcher Mod. Europe 50cl, Thermometer, s. steel cocoa/cinnamon shaker, s. steel cream jug 7cl, shower cleaning nylon brush-red, cleaner bristle brush, milk art pen with red handle. Available with red, black and natural accessories.

lei 479.57 Price

GunMETAL BLACK Barware Set...

Price / Set.

The set contains:

► 1 × GunMETAL Black Cocktail Julep Strainer

► 2 × Freelow Black GunMETAL Drip Plug

► 1 × Boston Shaker 28oz Black GunMETAL

► 1 × Shaker Speed Tin 18oz Black GunMETAL

► 1× Teardrop bar spoon 30cm Black GunMETAL

► 1 × Fine Strainer, Black GunMETAL

► 1× Jigger Ginza 25/50ml Black GunMETAL

► 1 × GunMETAL Black Cocktail Strainer

► 1 x GunMETAL Black Ice Pliers

► 1 × GunMETAL Black Muddler

Everything is placed in a velvet net, so it is the perfect gift for any bartender or cocktail enthusiast who wants to prepare drinks at home.


lei 542.57 Price

LIQUOR TOTE Bag [Cocktail...

Price / piece.

Bag for utensils and/or accessories for Bartenders.

Equipped with handles and removable shoulder strap.

Designed for bartenders who own their tools and just need a stylish bag...

The necessary utensils, you can buy them separately!


lei 74.97 Price

TATTOO Barware Set for...

Price / Set.

The box contains:

► 1 x Tattoo Boston Shaker

► 1 x Tattoo Speed ​​Tin Shaker

► 1 x Tattoo Aero Jigger 25 / 50ml

► 1 x TattooColey Strainer

► 1 x Spoon Bar Tattoo

This set of bar utensils is personalized with themed tattoo designs, each colored in black ink, for a special aesthetic.

Made of premium 18/8 steel by UrbanBar, this cocktail kit has a high quality finish.

These professional tools make this stylish kit a must-have for any mixologist.


lei 471.54 Price
LUXURY ROLL UP Bartender... Quick view
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LUXURY ROLL UP Bartender...

Price / set.

The bag contains Barware.

LUXURY Roll Up Bag, with Bar Tools and Accessories.

This ROLL bag is the perfect partner for any bartender.

Made of leather + eco-leather, with handle.

Equipped with places specially arranged to transport these accessories safely.

Especially for bartenders who do NOT own their utensils and need the ROLL style bag…

Clean only manually with a wet cloth.


lei 1,633.85 Regular price lei 1,667.19 Price

TIKI Barware Set for...

Price / Set.

The set contains:

► 1 x Tiki Boston Shaker Tin Tin

► 1 x Tiki Aero Jigger 25 / 50ml

► 1 x Tiki Coley Strainer

► 1 x Tiki Bar Spoon

This set of bar utensils is customized with Hawaiian-themed patterns, each colored in black ink, for a special aesthetic.

Made of premium 18/8 steel by UrbanBar, this cocktail kit has a high quality finish.

These professional tools make this stylish kit a must-have for any mixologist.


lei 476.99 Price


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