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Flavor Station (4 Bottles)...

This Monin Syrup Bottle stand is made out of a durable black wire.

Holds four Monin 750 ml or 1 litre bottles.

No more hunting through cabinets to find your favorite syrups.

This Monin Flavor Station Stand displays your syrups right on your counter top.

lei 114.24 Price

Magnetic Knife Holder, 35cm

Price / piece. 

Wall bracket - Metal bar with 2 magnetic strips to hold the metal knives.

Once attached to the wall, above the working space, it becomes a practical and indispensable accessory. With the help of this support you can organize your workspace. You will have the utensils at hand.

It can also be used for workshops, where you need to store screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches or other utensils.

Suitable for both professional and home kitchens.

Using sharp tools can be dangerous.
Keep out of reach of children!

lei 24.89 Price

STORE'N POUR Bottle -...

(€ / piece)

Plastic storage container, with lid, which can be transformed into a dosing container.

Different colors so you can identify the contents of the container without opening it.

In these containers, soft drinks or cocktail-colored ingredients are usually added to make them easily recognizable in the refrigerator. You can also directly store a pre-prepared cocktail.

Volume of 0.95L

lei 19.99 Price

STORE'N POUR Bottle...

Price / piece.  

Product with a new design.

Equipped with a vent hole that prevents blockages and allows continuous flow of liquids.

Made of three pieces, quality plastic, less fragile.

The plastic is not fragile, so the tips are less perishable when dropped.

Textured neck for a light grip. Rigid, semi-transparent body to prevent bending and shedding when attaching the upper part.

Fits all Speed ​​Rails.

Existing colors: White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green

lei 38.40 Price

Bar Caddy / Napkin Holder -...


Napkin Organizer / Bar Caddy / Organizer, The ideal support for napkins, straw, utensils or accessories for the bar. and so on

Easy to maintain and clean.

Material: Plastic.

lei 29.94 Regular price lei 34.82 Price

Double Speed Rail -...

(€ / piece). 

These drawers keep bottles of popular drinks handy for quick and organized service.

Doubling the speed rack means doubling the capacity and doubling the alcohol selection in the same length of space in the bar.

Ideal, especially in crowded bars or for bartenders who practice flair.

They are made of quality stainless steel.

There is space for approx. 2 x 6 1 L bottles, or proportionally more pcs of 0.7 L

lei 293.93 Price

Fruit Dispenser /Condiment...

Price / piece. 

Fruit Tray / Dispenser for fruits pieces.

With 6 compartments, that can be removed separately.

Under the compartments you can put broken ice to ensure the cooling and freshness of the cut fruit.

Equipped with a lid for maximum hygiene

lei 84.56 Regular price lei 98.33 Price

Stainless Steel Condiment...

Price / piece.  

A clean and organized kitchen where you can have everything at hand?

Nothing easier! Use these metal containers, with a magnetic base, to organize the spices.

Just place them on a metal surface.

Clean manually with a damp cloth.

NO dishwasher safe !   Do NOT scratch it !

lei 9.59 Price

The Porthole Infuser

The Porthole Infuser este un vas de infuzie simplu dar elegant, proiectat de Martin Kastner - Crucial Detail Studio. Acesta poate fi folosit pentru a crea Cocktail-uri izbitoare, uleiuri, ceaiuri, limonada, cafea, sau orice alt tip de infuzie rece.

lei 641.41 Price

Wine Rack & Glass Hanger...

This Under Cabinet Wine Rack is the space saving all-in-one design every wine enthusiast needs.

With space for 6 bottles of wine along with 6 wine glasses (depending on Diemeter), this wine bottle rack can also be used to store liqueur bottles with martini glasses.

lei 182.07 Price


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