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Barista Towel [JoeFREX] -...

Price / piece.

HUNDRED LINEN, 43x63cm towel.

Pre-washed, 100% linen material, natural / beige color, for glassware polishing, or cups, milk jugs and cutlery.

Can be washed up to 60 °, preferably without conditioner.

lei 47.03 Price

BLUE Plasters - Assorted...

Price / set.

The set contains 100 pieces, assorted sizes.

Set of blue patches, different sizes.

Because normally the color blue is not found in food preparations (restaurant, bar, ...) it is recommended to use disposable gloves or even blue patches.

This is easily recognized if a piece reaches the finished dish ...


► Latex Free

► DO NOT expose to direct sunlight

► Sterile


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BROWN Towel [BARISTA LINE] Set of 2pcs, Microfibre Quick view
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BROWN Towel (2pcs Set!)...

Price / set.

The set contains 2 towels, different sizes.

The brown towels are 30*30cm + 45*55cm.

Usable: crockery, dishes, glass, equipment, refrigerator, taps, sinks, table and other surfaces in the bar / kitchen.

The set of towels for wiping and cleaning offers high quality due to the microfiber material used.

Material: 80% Polyester; 20% Polyamide.

Wash with detergent or soap.
DO NOT use fabric strengthening solutions!
Machine washable up to 65'C together with similar colors.
Do NOT tumble dry!

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CLEANING BRUSH for Pourer...

Price / piece. 


Material: polyester, steel wire.

This fine cleaning brush is made of twisted steel wire and polyester wire.

Simply clean the dripper quickly and efficiently. Just push the brush through the pipe so that all debris can be easily removed.

After cleaning the drippers and metal straws with this brush and warm water, you will notice that the quality (taste) of the drinks will not change due to possible deposits in the pipe.

In the case of coffee machine steamers, you need to clean up any possible milk deposits.


lei 14.99 Price


Price / set.

Employers are morally obligated to place first aid kits in the workplace. Depending on the number of employees and the degree of danger, 3 types of suitable kits are recommended:

- First aid kit - mini catering kit

- First aid kit - medium kit

- Large first aid kit

This kit is suitable for jobs, kindergartens, schools, factories and events for 1-50 people.


lei 338.75 Price

Glass WASHER with 3 Brushes...

Price / piece.

After adding liquid detergent on the brushes and put it in the washing water, only the dirty glasses are missing!

Thanks to the suction base, it remains firmly fixed in the sink.

It has a beneficial effect on the environment as well as on your budget.

lei 74.38 Price


Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

Pourer caps can often be overlooked in the bar industry, whether your bar is located in a beautiful hotel,  a vibrant restaurant, or is a standalone cocktail bar.

Our ergonomic pourer caps will slip on perfectly to any stainless steel or brass and chrome pour spout or fast flow pourer – pourer caps really can make the difference.

Pourer Cap, Rubber cap for the hygienic protection of pourers.

Ensures optimal closure of the drips so that no dust or bites enter the drink. Usable for any type of metal pourer.


lei 1.90 Price

Premium Barista Cloth...

Price / piece. 

It can be used to dry up and clean the filter before dosing the new ground.

This simple operation prevents the extraction residues from contaminating the new Espresso.

The practical carabiner permit you to hook the cloth to the work apron or to the base of the machine.

Since microfibre is an absorbent material, we recommend cleaning the cloth at least once a day.

Color: black.

Dimensions: 40 * 40cm.


lei 39.79 Price

PREMIUM Non-Slip Mat for...

Price / piece.

The roll is about 10m long and about 60cm wide.

Premium Anti-Slip Mesh for Bars and Restaurants

Transform your customers' experience with this high-quality non-slip mesh, specially designed for stability and style.

Made from durable and easy-to-clean materials, this 10m white net fits perfectly under glasses, protecting delicate surfaces and preventing nasty accidents.

Ideal for bars, restaurants and cafes that want to give their customers an unforgettable experience, this non-slip net is a must-have for any business focused on top-notch service.

Order now and ensure that drinks are served with elegance and efficiency!


lei 310.00 Price

Bar Towel JACK DANIEL's 22...

Price / piece.

Bar towel customized with logo and is perfect for all Jack Daniel's lovers.

High quality cotton material, these bar towels will withstand regular use and can be easily cleaned by washing them in any washing machine.

Product features:

► Personalized with Jack Daniel's logo

► 100% cotton

► Machine washable - low temperature wash recommended

► Ideal for home or commercial bars


lei 24.99 Price

Barista Cloth (4pcs Set!)...

Price / set.

Rhino Coffee Gear's Barista Towel Set has been developed for use in the cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines in a commercial environment and is also suitable for home machine use.

The towels are of different colors for efficient identification:

► 1 piece (brown) with Carabiner hook for general cleaning. Size: 31 cm x 60 cm.

► 2 pieces (blue) for cleaning the Steamer pipe. Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm.

► 1 piece (black) for cleaning the surface of coffee machines. Size: 31 cm x 31 cm.


Wash with detergent or soap.

DO NOT use material strengthening solutions!

Machine washable up to 40'C together with similar colors.

DO NOT dry in the dryer!

lei 59.98 Price

PREMIUM Non-Slip Mat for...

Price / piece.

The roll is about 10m long and about 60cm wide.

The black drain net is ideal to put under the glasses on the counter, to let them drip and to protect them from mechanical shocks.

A big advantage that the glasses don't stink.

Suitable for specially designed locations where it is necessary to cover the bar with black mesh.

It's useful, practical and last but not least sustainable.


lei 281.17 Price

PRESSURE Rinser for Barista...

Price / piece.

PRESSURE WASHER / Rinser for glasses, jugs, mugs or other containers in the bar or restaurant.

The kit is composed of the rinsing device and 2 connecting hoses to the water network. Can be installed easily and quickly.

Works with both cold and hot water.

Keep in mind:

► For Barista Pitcher / Milk Jug it is preferable to use cold water, because it lowers the temperature in the food danger zone.

► Glasses and other containers are recommended to be rinsed with hot water.


lei 536.69 Price

Warning Indicator Sign -...

Price / piece.

Clearly identify and block access to damp floors. In the event of a leak, the first step should be to mark or, preferably, block the slippery area.

This can be done with a wet floor indicator.

Wet floor marking informs employees, workers and visitors about the danger of slipping and fines.

Plastic, yellow color (easy to notice).

lei 43.96 Price


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