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"KNOCK" Flat Base (Ø 53/58)...

Why "KNOCK" Flat Base ?

After the first press of the espresso, a light knock is made on the side of the filter holder.

"knock", which causes all espresso powder to fall into the portafilter from the side. Then there is another tamping. So that the tamper base does not have to be used for this light blow to the portafilter, which could damage the soft portafilter, or even the wooden handle, you can now knock with the silicone ring incorporated into the base.

You need to order handle separately for this Tamper Base!

lei 103.89 Price

"WET FLOOR" Indicator /...

(€ / piece)

Clearly identify and block access to damp floors. In the event of a leak, the first step should be to mark or, preferably, block the slippery area.

This can be done with a wet floor indicator.

Wet floor marking informs employees, workers and visitors about the danger of slipping and fines.

Plastic, yellow color (easy to notice).

lei 39.85 Price

3 Brush Glass Washer -...

Price / piece.

After adding liquid detergent on the brushes and put it in the washing water, only the dirty glasses are missing!

Thanks to the suction base, it remains firmly fixed in the sink.

It has a beneficial effect on the environment as well as on your budget.

lei 42.84 Price

AeroPress GO (by Aerobie)

(€ / set)

The set contains:

  • Plunger
  • Chamber
  • Filter Cap
  • Stirrer
  • Filter holder
  • Scoop
  • 350 Filters
  • Lid
  • Mug

The AeroPress Go is carefully designed to offer all the delicious manufacturing capabilities of the original AeroPress, plus a convenient drinking cup that functions as a carrying case.

Like the original AeroPress, AeroPress Go produces a delicious coffee - American, espresso or cold brew.

AeroPress Go is optimized for travel, camping or just going to work, making it convenient and easy to take AeroPress with you.

Its clever design will ensure that you will never run out of freshly brewed coffee, wherever you go.

lei 158.27 Price
AeroPress ORIGINAL (by Aerobie) Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -3%

AeroPress ORIGINAL (by...

(€ / piece). 

Since its introduction the AeroPress has become a much beloved brewer for serious coffee lovers and coffee professionals around the world.

Comes with 350pcs paper microfilters.

The ideal device for making coffee while traveling, ... or when you stay home.

The aeropress offers the possibility to prepare a cup of coffee full of aroma, similar to the coffee obtained by the French press method, close to espresso, largely excluding the bitter taste and acidity.

lei 133.34 Regular price lei 137.47 Price
AeroPress ORIGINAL with Bag (by Aerobie) Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -5%

AeroPress ORIGINAL with Bag...

(€ / piece). 

The AeroPress is available with a zippered nylon tote bag that makes it easy to travel with the coffee maker and a bag of coffee.

Come with pack of 350 replacement filters.

Since its introduction the AeroPress has become a much beloved brewer for serious coffee lovers and coffee professionals around the world.

lei 142.80 Regular price lei 150.32 Price
ALMOND Syrup, Marie Brizard Quick view
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  • -25%


Made with pure cane sugar and rigorously selected natural extracts from almond, Marie Brizard Almond Syrup is highly concentrated and reveals an authentic almond flavour.

No conservative agent. No colouring.

lei 21.26 Regular price lei 28.34 Price


Price / piece.

Informative: 6 bottles / box.

Almonds are the fruit of the tree famous for its white-pink flowers. The almond aroma is delicate and only slightly sweet.

Almonds are often used in confectionery for various recipes or delicious cakes.

There are several ways to work with Monin Almond syrup. The most famous is the Mai Tai recipe, but you can combine Monin Almond with Monin Glasco Lemon syrup in a cocktail and you will be surprised by the result.

Monin Almond syrup is ideal for cocktails, lemonades and coffee specialties: Flavored Cappuccino, Latte.

  • Perfect for commercial or household use
  • Ideal for professional mixologists
  • But also for the barista
  • Use natural ingredients
  • Easy to store
lei 34.99 Price


(€ / piece)

MONIN Amaretto syrup is based on the classic Italian sweet, almond-flavoured liqueur. 

Characterised by the distinctive flavour of the ‘mandoria-amara’ or bitter almond, the name Amaretto means ‘a little bitter’ in Italian. 

Its origins are said to go back as far as the Italian Renaissance.  Legend has it that in 1525 the artist Bernardino Luini, a pupil of Leonardo Da Vinci, was commissioned to paint a fresco of the Madonna of the Miracles in Saronno. He chose a beautiful local innkeeper to inspire his portrayal of the Madonna.  As a gift to show her gratitude and affection, she steeped apricot kernels in brandy and presented the resulting amber liquid to Luini. Today, Amaretto is usually made using apricot pits and may also contain almonds, other spices and flavourings.

lei 34.99 Price

AMERICA '20s Gin Tonic...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

This model, with a capacity of 74.5 cl, is a small work of art.

The glass is ideal for serving a gin and tonic cocktail.

These glasses feature an elegant and original vintage style, in line with the latest trends, with precious lighting effects, enhancing the colors of cocktails and drinks.

Can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Rinse before first use.

lei 29.99 Price

ANGOSTURA Classic -...

A skilfully blended aromatic preparation of gentian in combination with a variety of vegetable colouring matter. Made with the same ingredients since 1824.

Ingredients: Water, alcohol, spices, natural aromas, sugar, colorant: Caramel

44.7 % alc./vol. , 200ml 

Angostura bitters are a key ingredient in many cocktails.

lei 67.41 Price

ANGOSTURA Cocoa - Aromatic...

Price / piece.

Informative: 12 bottles per box.

There are few flavours that delight one's palate like the rich taste of cocoa.

Angostura celebrated worldwide for its rich history in creating aromatic and orange bitters is now expanding its renowned collection to include Angostura cocoa bitters.

The marriage of the finest locally harvested Trinitario cocoa from Trinidad and Tobago paired with 200 years of Angostura's unparalelled expertise have resulted in this truly decadent, indulgent new flavour.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Cocoa Nibs, Glycerine, Gentian Spices, Sugar, Vegetable Colourant: Caramel E150A.

It is sold only to people who at the time of purchase have already turned 18 !!!
lei 44.01 Price


Price / piece.

Informative: 6 bottles / box.

Apple Pie is a popular dessert around the world and probably one of the most popular in the UK for centuries.

Eaten hot or cold, sometimes served with whipped cream or ice cream, everyone loves it!

Try the new Monin Apple Pie syrup, with its true taste of apple pie, all in one bottle, being a help for preparing cocktails but also convenient being ready to pour.

With its velvet combination of seasoned apple, biscuit with a hint of spice, MONIN Apple Pie syrup is unforgettable. It will remind you of the fresh baked apple pie not only praised in Great Britain. 

  • Perfect for commercial or household use
  • Ideal for professional mixologists
  • But also for the barista
  • Use natural ingredients
  • Easy to store
lei 34.99 Price

Bamboo Skewers - SWORD...

(€ / set)

100 pieces / set

Sword Ornament toothpicks - Natural bamboo, for a suitable and elegant garnish / cocktail decoration.

10.5 cm long


Use extra care so you do NOT get hurt!
KEEP OUT reach of children!

lei 13.98 Price
BAMBOO Straws - REUSABLE (Different Diameters), 6pcs Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -4%


Price / set.

The set contains 6 pieces of straw (different sizes and diameters) + 1 straw / pourer cleaning brush.

If you are thinking of serving TIKI drinks, in addition to the glasses specific to Polynesian culture, these straws are absolutely indispensable!

Besides the fact that they are made of wood - BAMBUS, ie they are completely ecological, they are also reusable (compared to plastic ones) and offer a complete experience when serving drinks, together with TIKI glasses.

Proving that it is a 100% natural product: the color, texture and diameter can differ from one straw to another.

It is recommended to wash straws before first use.

lei 20.56 Regular price lei 21.42 Price

BANANA Fruit Puree - MONIN, 1L

Price / piece.

Informative: 4 pieces / box.

A perfectly ripe banana can bring a smile to your face, thanks to its unique creamy quality and sweet and balanced aroma.

When ripe, the fruits used for Le Fruit MONIN Banana are a delicious option to enjoy its rich texture and taste in countless drinks.

Perfect your dishes continuously, using our banana puree, to prepare smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails, hot drinks and much more.

By mixing different fruits (purees or natural juices) we can create almost unlimited combinations, providing a wide range of soft drinks.

lei 51.22 Price

BARATTOLO Coffee Capsules -...

Price / box. 

The set contains 20 capsules.

Lucaffé Italian espresso capsules are the result of careful and passionate research.

The can also makes them perfect as a gift idea.

They are obtained using the most advanced frying and grinding technologies.

After drinking it, you will feel better, and you will be satisfied that you drank a good coffee.

lei 15.98 Price

BARISTA BOX, Starter Kit...

(€ / Full set)

This is our new Baristabox,stacked with a small range from our Barista Tools.

Product information:

Include 1 piece of each:

  • - Milk Jug / Barista Pitcher 350ml
  • - Milk Pitcher 90ml
  • - Shotglass for setting the liquid volume
  • - Squeeze Bottle for Latte Art, 30ml
  • - Portafilterbrush
  • - Groupbrush Basic
lei 116.92 Regular price lei 129.91 Price

Barista Keychain [JoeFrex]...

(€ / piece). 

This keychain is a perfect miniature replica of the real Barista accessories.

The perfect gift for any coffee lover!

Available models:

  • Milk Jug / Side for Cappuccino
  • Filter holder (Espresso machine)
  • Coffee grinder
  • Ground Coffee Tamper
lei 27.24 Regular price lei 28.98 Price

BARISTA Shot glass, MARKED...

Price / piece.

Informative: 6 pieces / box.

The Barista - Shot is necessary to be able to adjust the espresso machine accurately, measuring the amount of water for Ristretto, Espresso or even long coffee.

Graduated to:

► 22ml ↔ 3 / 4oz: Restricted,

► 30ml ↔ 1oz; Espresso,

► 44ml ↔ 1-1 / 2oz: Restricted Double,

► 60ml ↔ 2oz: Double Espresso.

Made in Italy.

lei 14.27 Price


Barista Space New Hand Grinder  is handy, has a stable steel burr, and offers grind adjustment, enabling you to grind coffee for various brewing methods.

It is a great choice for both beginners and advanced home baristas, who value high quality and eye-catching equipment at a reasonable price.

  • Delicate and Fine body design. Easy to take out and hold
  • Adjustable grinding thickness
  • Aluminium alloy body
  • High density stainless steel spindle
  • Metal design coffee grinder

Based on the Origin, rotates clockwise the button to starting point: (put the handle cap when adjust thickness)

7 -12 circles for Espresso
14-22 circles for hand drip
24-28 circles for press pot
(To protect conical burr, do not grind beans within 0-6 circles.)

lei 535.50 Price

Barista Steam Cloth...

Barista Cloth with 3 layers for Steamer cleaning

The white side is for wiping the steam lance and the blue / black side to clean surfaces and other parts of the machine. 

The special intergrated silicone layer prevents steam and hot water from penetrating the cloth and enables you to wipe the steam lance while steaming.

lei 42.84 Price

BARISTA Thermometer (-20°C...

Price / piece. 

DIGITAL Barista thermometer, to check the temperature of the milk in the kettle.

Measures between: -20 ° C / + 120 ° C

Accuracy: ± 1 ° C between -20 ° C and 80 ° C

Resolution: 0.1 ° C

Works with 1 1.5V LR44 battery.

Auto power off after 45 minutes.


1. Press ON / OFF to turning device on / off.

2. Probe into test substance 2min 50mm (ice at 0 ° C / boiling water at 100 ° C).

3. Press HOLD to retain reading.

Use carefully, do NOT injure yourself!
KEEP OUT of reach of children!
NO touch the central unit with liquid (milk, water, etc.)!
In case of damage, hand over to Recycled!

lei 51.17 Price

Barista Towel, BROWN - Set...

Price / set. 

The set contains 2 towels, different sizes.

The towels are brown 30 * 30cm + 45 * 55cm.

Usable: crockery, dishes, glass, equipment, refrigerator, faucets, sinks, table and other bar / kitchen surfaces.

The set of towels for wiping and cleaning offers a high quality due to the material used from microfiber.

Material: 80% Polyester; 20% Polyamide.

Wash with detergent or soap.
DO NOT use solutions to reinvigorate the material!
Machine washable up to 65'C with similar colors.
DO NOT dry in the dryer!

lei 14.99 Price

BarSpoon "BULU" Pineapple,...

Price / piece.

This bar spoon was developed in collaboration with Daniele Dalla Pola.

Stainless steel, copper color / Rose Gold, 33.5 cm long.

Because they are produced by hand, small metal casting defects may occur.

Manual washing is recommended, thus avoiding scratches. After use, rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth to avoid discoloration after oxidation.

lei 223.86 Price

BarSpoon "BULU" Pineapple,...

Price / piece.

This bar spoon was developed in collaboration with Daniele Dalla Pola.

Stainless steel with a length of 33.5 cm. Because they are produced by hand, small metal casting defects may occur.

Manual washing is recommended, thus avoiding scratches. After use, rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth to avoid discoloration after oxidation.

lei 222.57 Regular price lei 231.85 Price

BarSpoon (type. Bonzer),...

Price / piece.

Barspoon with flat Disc end, Gold plated - "Bonzer" type, spiraled along the whole length.

Only clean manually with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
After washing, wipe with a soft cloth.

lei 53.95 Price


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