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Disposable Coffe Tray - 4...

Price / piece. 

Sold in multiples of 10 pieces.

Informative: 130 pieces / set

Made of strong pulp fiber, capacity of 4 disposable glasses 6oz - 8oz - 11oz - 12oz - 14oz.

Disposable holders are perfect for transporting hot and cold drinks.

The tray is designed with grooves that make holding your drinks easy, preventing spills.

RESISTANT AND DURABLE: Made of strong pulp fiber, unlike other thin trays, our cup holders will not fold or collapse.

Stackable design helps you to save space.

lei 0.87 Price

Paper MicroFilters for...

Price / set of 350 pieces.

Micro filters made of quality paper for the Aeropress machine.

Let the essential oils pass into the prepared coffee.

How to use (recommendation):

1# Place the paper filter in the Aeropress device

2# Put the device on the scale, in the "head down" position

3# Use 22g of ground coffee (medium-fine grinding)

4# Add 100ml of hot water at 93'C, mixing 3-4 times

5# Wet the grinding with 100ml of water for 1 minute

6# Keep the filter on the Aeropress device

7# Press the Aeropress placed on top of the cup, until you hear the "depression" sound

8# Depending on the desired taste/aroma, you can dissolve with water *recipe by Jessee Gordon


Made in USA


lei 34.68 Price
Paper Straws (250pcs Set!) with Black and White Stripes Quick view
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  • -4%

Paper Straws (250pcs Set!)...

Price / set of 250 pieces.

Cardboard straws 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and compostable.

They are made of wood pulp (Environmentally friendly) 20.4 cm (8") long, 6mm diameter.

With Black-White Stripes, 250 pieces packed in a box.

For Single Use (Disposable) !

lei 33.59 Regular price lei 34.99 Price

Take Away Paper Cups -...

Price / set.

The set contains 50 pcs.

Disposable Colored Cardboard / Paper cups (Design 'laStrada).

14oz - 400/420 ml (Ø 9cm), 50pcs

Cardboard: 247 g

Inner foil: 15g


lei 17.24 Price

Take Away Paper Cups,...

Price / set.

The set contains 40 pieces

For a long time there was no other way to drink from a paper cup just using a plastic lid.

But this model of cups with foldable lid, eliminates leaks, splashes, drops, offering a more pleasant drinking experience and helping at the same time the environment.


lei 26.10 Price


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