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DeLuxe GIFT BOX for Wine...

(Price / set)

A bottle of wine is always a popular gift choice, but it is often difficult to wrap!

This box is lined to provide a safe and elegant way to present a bottle of wine as a gift.

Ideal for any wine lover, the box contains a selection of tools ( waiters' friend corkscrew with crown bottle opener and foil cutter, a pourer to help your aerate your wine, a wine collar to catch any drops and a stopper to help keep your wine fresh ) to help you open and serve a bottle of wine perfectly.

*Please Note: Wine bottle not included.

lei 71.40 Price

DeLuxe Porto Wine Set -...

(€ / set). 

The set contains: 1 decanter + 4 glasses / pipe.

Porto wine is fortified and aged in oak barrels and is filtered before bottling.

Despite its complexity, the assortment is pleasant and easy to drink.

To help you on your way to becoming a Porto wine connoisseur, the DeLuxe Port Decanter set is the perfect kit to enjoy the sweet taste of fortified wine with a few friends and enjoy the flavors.

Represents the perfect gift for Porto drinkers or elegant cocktails.

Only clean manually with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
FRAGILE product!
Keep out of reach of children!

lei 205.19 Price

DIAMOND Wine/ Water glass,...

(€ / piece). 

It is sold in multiples of 6 pieces. 

Informative: 24 pcs / box. 

Classic DIAMOND Wine/ Water glass, volume of 245ml.


FRAGILE product!

Keep Out of Reach of Children!

lei 7.96 Price

Jigger MAXI 20 /180 ml [47...

Price / piece.

Jigger 47 Ronin by PROBAR. Measure multiple volumes:

- small part: - 20ml

- large part: - 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180ml 

Handwash Only, with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
After washing, wipe with a piece of cloth soft.
Avoid mechanical shocks of any kind !!!

lei 57.08 Price

MONTE CARLO White Wine...

Price / piece. 

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Informative: 24 pieces per box.

Monte Carlo glass for White Wine, Hugo Cocktail, Aperol Spritz, etc.

Made by Pasabahce, volume of 325ml.

lei 9.33 Price


(€ / set). 

A good bottle of wine is nothing if you haven't got the tools to open and serve it, which is why THE WINE CONNOISSEUR - Gift Set (Accessories Included) is the perfect gift for any wine lover, packed to be the ideal gift for any wine lover.

This set contains a corkscrew with a capison foil cutting blade, a pouring stopper to help aerate the wine and a collar / anti-drip ring that sits on the outside of the bottle, the bottle-closing stopper that will keep the wine fresh more time.

lei 61.88 Price

Wine Decanter CELEBRATION,...

(€ / piece)

Info: 6pcs / box

Celebration decanter carafe is ideal for moments spent with family or friends, as it is made in a modern design, made of transparent glass.

Whenever you want to pamper your guests or family, you have at hand a carafe suitable for any occasion.

lei 29.93 Price

Wine Decanter VINO, 1L...

Vino decanters satisfy multiple needs, from the practical and simple to the intentionally spectacular.

Pasabahce have created a family of decanters perfect for all environments.

This outstanding new collection is the culmination of three years of study and creation.

This product is handmade

lei 63.52 Price

Wine Rack & Glass Hanger...

This Under Cabinet Wine Rack is the space saving all-in-one design every wine enthusiast needs.

With space for 6 bottles of wine along with 6 wine glasses (depending on Diemeter), this wine bottle rack can also be used to store liqueur bottles with martini glasses.

lei 182.07 Price

DeLuxe GIFT SET - Cognac &...

Price / set. 

The set contains: glass, heating holder, candle holder, gift box.

The Deluxe Cognac & Brandy heating set was created especially for those who want to enjoy a heated Cognac or Brandy (oldschool methode), on a cool evening.

Perfect for anyone who likes the fine taste of brandy, this set includes a tasting glass (Snifter) to enjoy this noble drink in the traditional style.

The holder allows you to place the glass over the candle, which will give you enough heat to reach the optimum drinking temperature.

The black wooden box (with lock) makes this set extremely presentable, as a gift for an experienced cognac connoisseur and even makes an excellent starting point for someone new to the world of hot drinks!

lei 127.33 Price

PRIMETIME Red Wine, 395ml...

Primetime is a robust range with a contemporary shape, complete with increased wall thickness making the collection ideal for use in any busy bar, restaurant, pub, ...

lei 5.85 Regular price lei 6.50 Price

Winesave PRO - Argon Gas Spray

Winesave stores high-quality, food-grade argon gas under pressure which when dispensed into an opened bottle preserves the wine by forming an inert barrier that stops spoilage from oxygen, without affecting the characteristics of the wine.

lei 160.65 Price


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