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STORE'N POUR Bottle -...

(€ / piece)

Plastic storage container, with lid, which can be transformed into a dosing container.

Different colors so you can identify the contents of the container without opening it.

In these containers, soft drinks or cocktail-colored ingredients are usually added to make them easily recognizable in the refrigerator. You can also directly store a pre-prepared cocktail.

Volume of 0.95L

lei19.99 Price

STORE'N POUR Bottle...

(€ / piece)

Product with a new design.

Equipped with a vent hole that prevents blockages and allows continuous flow of liquids.

Made of three pieces, quality plastic, less fragile.

The plastic is not fragile, so the tips are less perishable when dropped.

Textured neck for a light grip. Rigid, semi-transparent body to prevent bending and shedding when attaching the upper part.

Fits all Speed ​​Rails.

Existing colors: White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green

lei29.99 Price


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