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"Gold Rim" - NICK & NORA...

Add a golden touch to your drinks with the Nude Refine Nick & Nora Glass.

Perfect for serving modern interpretations of classic 1930's and 40's cocktails such as the Nick & Nora.


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5 + 1 (!!!) "Gold Rim" -...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

Imperfect "Gold Rim" - HOBSTAR Cooler, 470ml (LIBBEY)

The applied Gold Rim is handmade, so they are not perfect !

Top Diameter: 3 1/4"

Bottom Diameter: 2 3/4"

Maximum Diameter: 3 1/4"

Height: 6 1/8"

Capacity: 16 oz.


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BLACK HOBSTAR Cooler, 470ml...

Glass from the Hobstar series in black. A nice exclusive long drink glass for terrace or playful occasions.

Height: 15.8 cm

Diameter: 8.4 cm

Content: 47 cl (47.3 cl - 16 OZ)

This glass is NOT dishwasher safe.

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CHILLER Martini (Y), 150ml...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

Unique design in the world of cocktail glasses, composed of Martini glass + bowl for crushed ice.

With this glass it can be easily solved thanks to the bowl below which can be filled with crushed ice.

Another use for this glass would be Espresso Martini. You need 1 part espresso, 1 part vodka, 1/2 part coffee liqueur, 1/4 part White Cocoa Cream.

Pour the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, shake vigorously, and strain into a cold martini glass.

It should be somewhat frothy.

Serve with three coffee beans placed on foam. (faith, hope, love)

Perfect for a private party or bar.

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FLOATING COUPE - Cocktail...

The Floating Coupe Glass has a double walled design to keep drinks cooler for longer.

Gift boxed, ideal for a unique cocktail service. Perfect for serving wine, cocktails or champagne, these glasses always ensure you serve the freshest beverages.

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NICK & NORA (Crystal) Coupe...

The Nude Refine Nick & Nora Glasses takes the popular shape from the 1930's and 40's and brings a modern twist.

Ideal for retro inspired cocktails, these Coupe Glasses are ideal as an alternative to martini glasses.

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OLIVIA - Cocktail & Liqueur...

Choose your favourite tipple and serve in these elegant liqueur glasses.

Made form lead free soda-lime glass these LSA Olivia Tall Liqueur Glass have been mouth blown, have a fine rim, a contemporary silhouette and a hand drawn tall stem with a 65ml bowl that is perfect for serving fine liqueurs.

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PINEAPPLE Glass, 285ml (SET...

Add a quirky touch to your drink service with the Pineapple Glasses! Following the current trend sweeping bars and clubs for creative cocktail presentation, these retro inspired pineapple shaped glasses are sure to impress! With a truly tropical design, these cup holders come complete with removable hiball glasses for easy cleaning.

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SPKSY Cocktail / Gin Tonic...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

Gin Tonic cocktail glass, SPKSY (Speakeasy) from Libbey.

Big balloon to enjoy the coolness of a G&T cocktail, full of ice! 580ml

An elegant, sophisticated and robust range for serving cocktails. Big balloon to enjoy the coolness of a G&T cocktail, full of ice!

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TIKI - LIBBEY Pineapple,...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

You know when you just need a vacation, and nothing else will cut it?

Well, say no more: these pineapple glasses will distract you so much with their too-cute-for-words pineapple shape that you’ll just think you’re on a getaway - every day.

You’re welcome.

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