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"Gold Rim" - HOBSTAR Rocks,...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

Imperfect "Gold Rim" - HOBSTAR Rocks, 355ml (LIBBEY)

Bottom Diameter: 2 7/8 Inches

Top Diameter: 3 1/2 Inches

Maximum Diameter: 3 1/2 Inches

Height: 4 1/8 Inches

The applied Gold Rim is handmade, so they are not perfect !


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5 + 1 (!!!) SHORTY Diamond...

Shorty is the glassware range the industry has been dying for; glasses built specifically to accommodate the tapas-style approach.

They’re ideal for cocktail-food combinations, fights of drinks and paired servings such as palate cleaners

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This exclusive glass is cut with a crystal pattern and in a black version. Suitable for serving water, cocktails or whiskey. A very special appearance on terraces. This glass is something special but has this glass in stock.

In box of 12 pieces.

Height: 10.7 cm

Top: 8.9 cm

Content: 35 cl (35.5 cl - 12 OZ)

This glass is NOT dishwasher safe.

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BRAVURA Rocks / Old...

(€ / piece). 

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces. 

The Libbey 2211 Bravura 12.25 oz. double old fashioned glass is perfect for restaurants, bars, and lounges!

Featuring an extreme curved shape and modern design, this glass provides a unique spin on traditional old fashioned glasses.

Its large capacity is perfect for serving patrons a double of their favorite cocktail or mixed drink.

Crystal-clear clarity enhances your presentation, while the thick, but subtle sham provides stability. Perfectly balanced to rest on trays, tabletops, and counter, you can serve drinks on the rocks with confidence.

Thanks to a chip-resistant rim, this glass is durable for long-lasting use.

Made by LIBBEY

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CARATS Double Rocks / Old...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

CARATS Double Rocks / Old Fashioned 350ml, Libbey

Top Diameter: 3 1/2" 

Bottom Diameter: 3 5/8" 

Maximum Diameter: 2 7/8" 

Height: 4 1/8" 

Capacity: 12 oz.

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CASSIOPEA Double Old...

With an angled and futuristic design, these Cassiopea Double Old Fashioned Glasses give vintage whiskies and whisky cocktails a fresh on-trend feel.

With a shape designed to be easily held, this glass feels wonderful in your hand, making it the perfect choice for elegant evenings and events.

*it's sold in multiples of 4 pieces

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[PACKAGE] 2 * Rocks / Old...

(€ / set). 

The set contains 2 Rocks / Old fashioned glasses from the Libbey range (Choose it).

[Bravura / Carats / Hobstar / Hobstar "Gold Rim" / Hobstar Black / LINQ / Radiant / The GATS]

If you don't go out in pubs or bars, your friends may come to you.

Be prepared to have enough glasses at home!

It isn't nice to drink from a bottle. Not?

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HIGHLAND Tumbler, Crystal -...

Classic and versatile glass tumblers, Suitable for whisky and short cocktails as well as water, juice and soft drinks, Weighted design for stability (340 g per glass), 

High-quality crystal glass, Perfectly formed and highly functional.

Perfect for everyday use or special occasions. Ideal gift for weddings, new homes and housewarmings, Elegant addition to any table top

Designed in Germany

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