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TIKI - LIBBEY Cooler, 592ml...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

New style TIKI Cooler

This Tiki glass from Libbey® has a capacity of 20 ounces and is perfect for barbeques, parties or any outdoor event.

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BAMBOO Straw, Reusable...

With the unusual but all natural Bamboo Straws can give your cocktails a tropical touch, perfect for Hawaiian and Tiki themed parties.

Made from sustainable bamboo, these straws offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, and are both biodegradable and reusable.

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Price / piece. 

Sold by set (12 pcs).

A great choice for bars, restaurants and hotels. With a modern look and bold footed stem this glass will add to your table presentation. 

Dishwasher safe.

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TIKI Glass - HOME PACK, 3pcs/ set (Ceramic) 00872 Quick view
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TIKI Glass - HOME PACK,...

Price / set. 

The set contains 3 pieces of TIKI (Ceramic) glasses 250ml, different models.

The "TIKI SET 3" glasses in modern shape are made of ceramic, very nice, some glasses with ears, nose, eyes and mouth.

The set contains 3 glasses with different shapes and colors: brown, khaki and green.

Volume: 250ml.

Only clean manually with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
FRAGILE product!
Keep out of reach of children!

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(€ / set). 

The set contains 5 pieces of TIKI glasses (Ceramics), different models.

Made of 5 tropical retro-inspired TIKI mugs, this party package is essential for any Hawaiian-style party.

Perfect for serving classic tiki-style cocktails, such as a Mai Tai or even a strawberry daiquiri, these glasses are handmade in ceramic.

This PARTY PACK will ensure that everyone at the party has a special glass on hand.

Please note: these ceramic TIKI mugs are hand-crafted and painted, so there may be small differences in shape and color.

Hand wash with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
FRAGILE product!
Keep out of reach of children!

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