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Jigger AERO 25 /50 ml,...

Unique jigger measure with a fluid curved profile. Copper plating with a high polished finish.

Enhance your mixology presentation with the unique Aero Jigger Copper. This spirit measure is CE marked for use in licenced bars. Made from premium Japanese steel, this jigger measure has a high corrosion resistance. Due to this, it has far greater longevity than standard barware, and has a higher rust resistance.

The fluid concave profile is for both visual appreciation and functionality. The slim waist gives an easy point for grip, making your mixology more fluid.


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Jigger GINZA 25 /50 ml,...

The mirrored Black plating makes it elegant and attractive.

An indispensable object for every bartender, easy to use, which guarantees a perfect measurement.

Measurements 25 - 50 ml - internal 15 - 35 ml

Plated products should not be washed in a dishwasher.


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Jigger GINZA 25 /50 ml,...

(€ / piece)

Ginza Bar / Jigger Measure with multiple volumes:

- the small part of the jigger is graduated to 15ml and 25ml shaved (FULL)

- the large part of the jigger is graduated to 25ml, 45ml and 50ml shaved (FULL)

Made in UK

It is only cleaned manually, with liquid detergent!

Avoid scratching the surface!
After washing, wipe with a piece of soft cloth.
Avoid mechanical shocks of any kind !!! FRAGILE product!
Metal jiggers do NOT have a metrology bulletin in Romania!

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Jigger GINZA 25 /50 ml,...

JAPANESE STYLE JIGGER 25ML / 50ML - Gunmetal Black

Interior markings at 15ml and 35ml.

Precise Measurments,

Made of 18/8 Gunmetal Black Stainless Steel

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