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"Gold Rim" - Tumbler glass,...

(€ / piece).

This glass with a conical shape is perfect to serve: Water, Juice, Whiskey, Strength, for breakfast in hotels, bars or restaurants.

Made of quality glass, the edge of the glass being decorated with gold paint, it is recommended both for home and for the Horeca industry because the clean glass perfectly shows the color of the drink.

Represents innovation, quality and extravagant design.

The product range contains wine glasses, tumblers and glasses for Long Drink drinks.

It is only cleaned manually, with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
After washing, wipe with a piece of soft cloth.
Avoid mechanical shocks of any kind !!!
FRAGILE product!

lei 13.57 Price

DIAMOND Wine/ Water glass,...

(€ / piece). 

It is sold in multiples of 6 pieces. 

Informative: 24 pcs / box. 

Classic DIAMOND Wine/ Water glass, volume of 245ml.


FRAGILE product!

Keep Out of Reach of Children!

lei 7.96 Price


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