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Libbey Glasses (USA) 52 products.

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"Gold Rim" - HOBSTAR Rocks,...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

Imperfect "Gold Rim" - HOBSTAR Rocks, 355ml (LIBBEY)

Bottom Diameter: 2 7/8 Inches

Top Diameter: 3 1/2 Inches

Maximum Diameter: 3 1/2 Inches

Height: 4 1/8 Inches

The applied Gold Rim is handmade, so they are not perfect !


lei31.68 Price

5 + 1 (!!!) "Gold Rim" -...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

Imperfect "Gold Rim" - HOBSTAR Cooler, 470ml (LIBBEY)

The applied Gold Rim is handmade, so they are not perfect !

Top Diameter: 3 1/4"

Bottom Diameter: 2 3/4"

Maximum Diameter: 3 1/4"

Height: 6 1/8"

Capacity: 16 oz.


lei41.96 Price

BLACK HOBSTAR Cooler, 470ml...

Glass from the Hobstar series in black. A nice exclusive long drink glass for terrace or playful occasions.

Height: 15.8 cm

Diameter: 8.4 cm

Content: 47 cl (47.3 cl - 16 OZ)

This glass is NOT dishwasher safe.

lei23.67 Price


This exclusive glass is cut with a crystal pattern and in a black version. Suitable for serving water, cocktails or whiskey. A very special appearance on terraces. This glass is something special but has this glass in stock.

In box of 12 pieces.

Height: 10.7 cm

Top: 8.9 cm

Content: 35 cl (35.5 cl - 12 OZ)

This glass is NOT dishwasher safe.

lei20.87 Price

BRAVURA Rocks / Old...

(€ / piece). 

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces. 

The Libbey 2211 Bravura 12.25 oz. double old fashioned glass is perfect for restaurants, bars, and lounges!

Featuring an extreme curved shape and modern design, this glass provides a unique spin on traditional old fashioned glasses.

Its large capacity is perfect for serving patrons a double of their favorite cocktail or mixed drink.

Crystal-clear clarity enhances your presentation, while the thick, but subtle sham provides stability. Perfectly balanced to rest on trays, tabletops, and counter, you can serve drinks on the rocks with confidence.

Thanks to a chip-resistant rim, this glass is durable for long-lasting use.

Made by LIBBEY

lei13.42 Price

CARATS Beverage glass,...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

This unique glass is designed with a retro-inspired, diamond look and heavy weight construction, making it ideal for serving cocktails, water, or even juice. 

Top Diameter: 3 1/8" 

Bottom Diameter: 2 5/8" 

Height: 6 1/8" 

Capacity: 14 oz.

lei14.91 Price

CARATS Double Rocks / Old...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

CARATS Double Rocks / Old Fashioned 350ml, Libbey

Top Diameter: 3 1/2" 

Bottom Diameter: 3 5/8" 

Maximum Diameter: 2 7/8" 

Height: 4 1/8" 

Capacity: 12 oz.

lei15.48 Price

CARATS Stirring/ Mixing...

(€ / piece)

Informative: 6 pieces per box

Capture the attention of guests with this gorgeous Mixing / Stirring Glass - Carats from Libbey

Libbey maintains a high standard of elegant and durable products. This Mixing Glass is a "must-have" for every bartender in any restaurant or bar.

The design is a mixture of small and large diamonds.

Its volume of 747 ml allows you to prepare 2 cocktails at once to save time and energy. In addition, the rather accentuated beak facilitates simple and elegant casting.

Don't forget to order your main accessory: Japanese bar Spoon!

lei70.81 Price

CHILLER Martini (Y), 150ml...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

Unique design in the world of cocktail glasses, composed of Martini glass + bowl for crushed ice.

With this glass it can be easily solved thanks to the bowl below which can be filled with crushed ice.

Another use for this glass would be Espresso Martini. You need 1 part espresso, 1 part vodka, 1/2 part coffee liqueur, 1/4 part White Cocoa Cream.

Pour the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, shake vigorously, and strain into a cold martini glass.

It should be somewhat frothy.

Serve with three coffee beans placed on foam. (faith, hope, love)

Perfect for a private party or bar.

lei25.12 Price

Classic Shot glass, 30ml...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

Classic Tall Whiskey shot (30ml) for tequila, vodka, brandy, liqueur, layer cocktails, caffe pousse, shooter cocktails, etc.

Or even, Coffee Shot with Honey !!!

The Original American Shot glass

lei9.40 Price

RADIANT Cooler /Beverage,...

This Cooler glass from the Radiant series by Libbey has an unique and timeless cut. Has the looks of a cut glass and is bold with a decent content. Moreover it has a generous capacity of 473ml and a height of 15,8cm.

The heavy base and thick walls will ensure stability and great handling.

lei15.73 Price

SHORTY Diamond Rocks glass,...

(€ / piece). 

It is sold in multiples of 6 pieces. 

Shorty Diamond Rocks 150ml glass, for those who want to taste more cocktails in the evening, without the negative effect of too much alcohol. Due to the reduced size, in this glass you can serve cocktails with proportionally smaller ingredients, and thus the finished product will be cheaper.

Extravagant design, the bottom of the glass is similar to polished diamonds.

Shorty is the glassware range the industry has been dying for; glasses built specifically to accommodate the tapas-style approach.

They’re ideal for cocktail-food combinations, fights of drinks and paired servings such as palate cleaners

Made by Libbey

lei14.97 Price

SPKSY Cocktail / Gin Tonic...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

Gin Tonic cocktail glass, SPKSY (Speakeasy) from Libbey.

Big balloon to enjoy the coolness of a G&T cocktail, full of ice! 580ml

An elegant, sophisticated and robust range for serving cocktails. Big balloon to enjoy the coolness of a G&T cocktail, full of ice!

lei16.49 Price

TIKI - LIBBEY Pineapple,...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

You know when you just need a vacation, and nothing else will cut it?

Well, say no more: these pineapple glasses will distract you so much with their too-cute-for-words pineapple shape that you’ll just think you’re on a getaway - every day.

You’re welcome.

lei19.40 Price

Wine Decanter CELEBRATION,...

(€ / piece)

Info: 6pcs / box

Celebration decanter carafe is ideal for moments spent with family or friends, as it is made in a modern design, made of transparent glass.

Whenever you want to pamper your guests or family, you have at hand a carafe suitable for any occasion.

lei29.93 Price

[PACKAGE] 2 * Rocks / Old...

(€ / set). 

The set contains 2 Rocks / Old fashioned glasses from the Libbey range (Choose it).

[Bravura / Carats / Hobstar / Hobstar "Gold Rim" / Hobstar Black / LINQ / Radiant / The GATS]

If you don't go out in pubs or bars, your friends may come to you.

Be prepared to have enough glasses at home!

It isn't nice to drink from a bottle. Not?

lei26.83 Price

SPKSY Coupe Cocktail/...

The unique design of this glass helps you capitalize on SPEAKEASY trend!

It features a design inspired by vintage 1930s stemware to perfectly complement old favorites like a french 75, a classic glass of champagne, and more! Its long, faceted stem provides simple elegance and the look of crystal, while an iconic wide bowl is perfect for sipping and enjoying drinks slowly.

lei22.63 Price


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