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EVEREST Cooler glass, 415ml...

Price / piece.

Sold by set (12 pcs).

No air bubbles or impurities.

Transparency and special shine.

Extremely strong glass.

Suitable for dishwasher.

Created by special technology DuraTuff.

lei 17.91 Price

[PACKAGE] 2 * Rocks / Old...

(€ / set). 

The set contains 2 Rocks / Old fashioned glasses from the Libbey range (Choose it).

[Bravura / Carats / Hobstar / Hobstar "Gold Rim" / Hobstar Black / LINQ / Radiant / The GATS]

If you don't go out in pubs or bars, your friends may come to you.

Be prepared to have enough glasses at home!

It isn't nice to drink from a bottle. Not?

lei 26.83 Price

EVEREST Double Old...

Price / 1 piece

It's sold on multiple of 12 pcs

EVEREST Double Old Fashioned, 355ml (LIBBEY)

Created by special technology DuraTuff

Designed in the USA.

lei 14.35 Price


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