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RADIANT Rocks / DOF glass...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

The Double Old Fashioned 355ml glass from the Radiant series by Libbey has a unique design as if time had stopped - Vintage in all its forms ...

The design shows horizontal and vertical grooves, as well as small rhombus patterns, and the base is marked with a star.

It looks just as good in the bar and restaurant as it does in your home bar.

The walls are a little thicker, so drinks won't change the temperature very quickly.

lei 13.92 Price

RADIANT Cooler /Beverage,...

This Cooler glass from the Radiant series by Libbey has an unique and timeless cut. Has the looks of a cut glass and is bold with a decent content. Moreover it has a generous capacity of 473ml and a height of 15,8cm.

The heavy base and thick walls will ensure stability and great handling.

lei 15.73 Price


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