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Classic Shot glass, 30ml...

(€ / piece)

It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

Classic Tall Whiskey shot (30ml) for tequila, vodka, brandy, liqueur, layer cocktails, caffe pousse, shooter cocktails, etc.

Or even, Coffee Shot with Honey !!!

The Original American Shot glass

lei9.40 Price

SHORTY Diamond Rocks glass,...

(€ / piece). 

It is sold in multiples of 6 pieces. 

Shorty Diamond Rocks 150ml glass, for those who want to taste more cocktails in the evening, without the negative effect of too much alcohol. Due to the reduced size, in this glass you can serve cocktails with proportionally smaller ingredients, and thus the finished product will be cheaper.

Extravagant design, the bottom of the glass is similar to polished diamonds.

Shorty is the glassware range the industry has been dying for; glasses built specifically to accommodate the tapas-style approach.

They’re ideal for cocktail-food combinations, fights of drinks and paired servings such as palate cleaners

Made by Libbey

lei14.97 Price


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