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BAMBOO Cooler glass...

Price / piece. 

Informative: 36 pieces per box.

Bamboo glasses are ideal for Long Drink cocktails, lemonades or even Tiki cocktails.

Volume of 473ml.

lei 12.47 Regular price lei 12.85 Price


Price / piece. 

Sold by set (12 pcs).

A great choice for bars, restaurants and hotels. With a modern look and bold footed stem this glass will add to your table presentation. 

Dishwasher safe.

lei 17.55 Price

TIKI Cooler glass [LIBBEY]...

Price / piece. 

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

Tiki Cooler / Long Drink (glass), for tropical drinks, typical of the Polynesian area, based on rum and more.

Thus, cocktails can be presented in an original and spectacular way.

The glass can be cleaned in the dishwasher safely.

Volume of 592ml.

Made by Libbey.

lei 16.34 Regular price lei 18.56 Price


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