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AeroPress with CARRYING BAG [AEROBIE] Alternative Coffee Maker
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  • AeroPress with CARRYING BAG [AEROBIE] Alternative Coffee Maker

AeroPress with CARRYING BAG [AEROBIE] Alternative Coffee Maker

lei 150.33

Price / piece. 

The ORIGINAL AeroPress is now available with a zipped carrying case that makes traveling easier.

The package includes 350 replacement filters.

Since its introduction, AeroPress has become a highly regarded coffee maker worldwide among coffee lovers and professional baristas.

Every coffee experience with AeroPress is different, it also depends on the temperature and quantity of water used, the quality and quantity of coffee!

Finer ground, hotter water, longer soaking result in stronger coffee.

Coarser grinding, less hot water, or shorter soaking eases the extraction, so we can make a long coffee with a balanced taste that highlights its most striking flavors.

Thanks to its clever design, it is easy to use and manual cleaning takes only a short time.

Clean ONLY by hand! DO NOT scratch the product! FRAGILE Product!

AeroPress with CARRYING BAG [AEROBIE] Alternative Coffee Maker

AeroPress with CARRYING BAG [AEROBIE] Alternative Coffee Maker

lei 150.33
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AeroPress with CARRYING BAG [AEROBIE] Alternative Coffee Maker.

The AeroPress coffee maker is a new kind of coffee press that brews coffee under ideal conditions: proper temperature, total immersion, and rapid filtering.

This results in amazingly delicious coffee with a wide range of beautiful flavors but without bitterness and with very low acidity. 

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