Metal MicroFilter for [AeroPress] Coffee Maker
  • Metal MicroFilter for [AeroPress] Coffee Maker

Metal MicroFilter for [AeroPress] Coffee Maker

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Metal filter for the Aeropress coffee machine.

Eliminates the taste of paper, lets the essential oils pass into the prepared coffee.

How to use (recommendation):

1# Place the metal filter in the Aeropress device with the inscription facing up

2# Put the device on the scale, in the "head down" position

3# Use 22g of ground coffee (medium-fine grinding)

4# Add 100ml of hot water at 93'C, mixing 3-4 times

5# Wet the grinding with 100ml of water for 1 minute

6# Keep the filter on the Aeropress device

7# Press the Aeropress placed on top of the cup, until you hear the "depression" sound

8# Depending on the desired taste/aroma, you can dissolve with water *recipe by Jessee Gordon

*WARNING: DO NOT bend!!!

Metal MicroFilter for [AeroPress] Coffee Maker

Metal MicroFilter for [AeroPress] Coffee Maker

lei 96.39
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Metal Filter [AeroPress] MicroFilter.

It is made of stainless metal, designed for a fuller coffee than by the method of using paper filters (included with each machine).

Easy to clean / maintain, reusable;

Can be cleaned with a SOFT, wet cloth!

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Silver / Metal
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The ORIGINAL AeroPress is now available with a zipped carrying case that makes traveling easier.

The package includes 350 replacement filters.

Since its introduction, AeroPress has become a highly regarded coffee maker worldwide among coffee lovers and professional baristas.

Every coffee experience with AeroPress is different, it also depends on the temperature and quantity of water used, the quality and quantity of coffee!

Finer ground, hotter water, longer soaking result in stronger coffee.

Coarser grinding, less hot water, or shorter soaking eases the extraction, so we can make a long coffee with a balanced taste that highlights its most striking flavors.

Thanks to its clever design, it is easy to use and manual cleaning takes only a short time.

Clean ONLY by hand! DO NOT scratch the product! FRAGILE Product!

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Alternative Coffee Maker...

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Coffee Aeropress, with 1 set of paper filters (350 pieces) included

The ideal device for making coffee while traveling, ... or when you stay at home.

The aeropress offers the possibility to prepare a cup of coffee full of aroma, similar to the coffee obtained by the French press method, close to espresso, largely excluding the bitter taste and acidity.

Clean ONLY by hand! DO NOT scratch the product! FRAGILE Product!

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REPLACEMENT Cap [AeroPress]...

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Spare plastic filter cap, for Aeropress!

The paper filters are actually placed in this cover before the coffee extraction.

This replacement filter cap is compatible with both the original AeroPress coffee maker and the AeroPress Go travel coffee press.

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The set contains:

► Silicone mug for drinking / transport,

► Cover

► Coffee dosing spoon

► MicroFiltre paper 350 pieces,

► Support for filters,

► Foldable mixing spoon,

The AeroPress Go is carefully designed to offer all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress, plus a convenient drinking cup that doubles as a carrying case.

Just like the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go produces delicious coffee - American, espresso or iced.

AeroPress Go is optimized for travel, camping or just going to work, making it convenient and easy to take AeroPress with you.

Its smart design will ensure that you will never run out of freshly brewed coffee, wherever you go.

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