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MIZUDASHI Cold Brew Coffee Pot [HARIO] MCPN-14CBR Chocolate Brown, 1L
  • MIZUDASHI Cold Brew Coffee Pot [HARIO] MCPN-14CBR Chocolate Brown, 1L

MIZUDASHI Cold Brew Coffee Pot [HARIO] MCPN-14CBR Chocolate Brown, 1L

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The cooler temperature actually brings out different flavors.

Coffee is a chemical, and using cold water instead of hot produces a distinct reaction; a batch made using this method tends to be subtly sweet while avoiding 67% of the acidity that often accompanies a brew.

Its use is simple, allowing the oils to infuse with cold water.

For 8 cups of finished product:

- place the freshly ground coffee (80g) in the filter.

- insert the filter into the cup.

- slowly fill the cup with cold water.

- use a mixing spoon, gently rotating the moistened coffee.

- put the lid on and place the cup in the fridge for approx. 8 hours.

Remove the filter with the used coffee, before serving.

Made in Japan


MIZUDASHI Cold Brew Coffee Pot [HARIO] MCPN-14CBR Chocolate Brown, 1L

MIZUDASHI Cold Brew Coffee Pot [HARIO] MCPN-14CBR Chocolate Brown, 1L

lei 111.53 lei 116.18 Save 4%

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MIZUDASHI Cold Brew Coffee Pot [HARIO] MCPN-14CBR Chocolate Brown, 1L.

Compared to an espresso, the cold brew does not become obsolete.

If you've ever tried drinking day-old coffee, you've probably learned that things don't keep.

But because cold brewing doesn't expose it to oxygen the way an espresso machine does, a fresh batch of caffeinated concentrated cold brew keeps much longer.

That being said, while some compounds in coffee only appear at higher temperatures, some argue for delicate floral and fruity aromas that are compromised for the smoother, richer flavor of the cold brew.

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