Coffee Syphon 3 Cups [JoeFrex] - Alternative Brewing
  • Coffee Syphon 3 Cups [JoeFrex] - Alternative Brewing
  • Coffee Syphon 3 Cups [JoeFrex] - Coffee Brewing

Coffee Syphon 3 Cups [JoeFrex] - Alternative Coffee Brewing

lei 389.13

Coffee Siphon for 3 Cups freshly brewed Coffee in Glass Syphon - Tabletop Coffee Brewer

Next comes with the stainless metal and cloth filter assemblies.

The handle is made of rubber and gives you a firm grip.

Coffee Syphon 3 Cups [JoeFrex] - Alternative Brewing

Coffee Syphon 3 Cups [JoeFrex] - Alternative Coffee Brewing

lei 389.13
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The principle of syphon preparation of coffee is based on the use of vacuum. Water is heated in the lower glass bowl. The steam from the boiling water pushes the water through a thin glass tube into an upper vessel. This combines fresh coffee with the rising water. If the heating is stopped, a vacuum is created and the water is sucked into the lower vessel again. The coffee particles are filtered out. The coffee can now be decanted and is ready to be tasted. The water only comes into contact with glass, which ensures the purity of the coffee taste.

Premium Glassware – Both glass bowls are made of the best quality heatproof borosilicate glass which are easy to clean.

The All-In-One syphon package includes all the gadgets you need for successful siphon brewing.

It is also suitable for brewing iced coffee siphon

Makes about 3 cups of delicious freshly brewed coffee

Stylish, elegant and fun to use!

Impress your friends with this unique and original way of preparing fresh coffee

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