Cold Brew Coffee Maker [JoeFrex], 450ml
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker [JoeFrex], 450ml
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker [JoeFrex]

Cold Brew Coffee Maker [JoeFrex], 450ml


As the temperatures heat up, many of us put away the automatic drip coffee machines and turn to a cooler alternative.

You can pick up some excellent cold-brew concentrates at your local market or coffee shop.

OR, for a fraction of the price and minimal effort, you can make your own, using a cold-brew coffee maker.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker [JoeFrex], 450ml

Cold Brew Coffee Maker [JoeFrex], 450ml

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A top-quality cold-brew coffee maker what produce a full-bodied and flavorful concentrate.

Coffee came out smooth and flavorful without too much bitterness.

Too much sediment can ruin a good cold brew by adding a gritty mouthfeel and aftertaste.


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