BARISTA SPACE - Coffee Mill, Black
  • BARISTA SPACE - Coffee Mill, Black
  • BARISTA SPACE - Coffee Mill dimensions
  • BARISTA SPACE - Coffee Mill
  • BARISTA SPACE - Coffee Mill, Black (in Gift Box)

BARISTA SPACE - Coffee Mill, Black (in Gift Box)

lei 535.50

Barista Space New Hand Grinder  is handy, has a stable steel burr, and offers grind adjustment, enabling you to grind coffee for various brewing methods.

It is a great choice for both beginners and advanced home baristas, who value high quality and eye-catching equipment at a reasonable price.

  • Delicate and Fine body design. Easy to take out and hold
  • Adjustable grinding thickness
  • Aluminium alloy body
  • High density stainless steel spindle
  • Metal design coffee grinder

Based on the Origin, rotates clockwise the button to starting point: (put the handle cap when adjust thickness)

7 -12 circles for Espresso
14-22 circles for hand drip
24-28 circles for press pot
(To protect conical burr, do not grind beans within 0-6 circles.)

BARISTA SPACE - Coffee Mill, Black

BARISTA SPACE - Coffee Mill, Black (in Gift Box)

lei 535.50
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The body and grounds container are made of aluminum, which makes the grinder stable and durable. The bean container holds up to 18 grams of beans, which is enough, for example, for a large portion of drip coffee. The lower container is screwed onto the upper part, so it stays securely in place when grinding.

A rubber band around the body supports the grip, and the handle is finished with wood.

The heart of the grinder, its burr with an axis, is made of stainless steel. The burr is stable and offers greater grinding precision than ceramic burrs.

The grinder is equipped with the grind ajdustment, thanks to which you can grind coffee for moka pots, French press, or any pour-over brewing method.

The grind size is adjusted with a knob located under the burr. Switching the grind size is gradual and a numerical scale has been added for the ease of use. It is simple and turning the knob takes seconds.


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