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Alternative Coffee Maker [AeroPress] GO
  • Alternative Coffee Maker [AeroPress] GO
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Alternative Coffee Maker [AeroPress] GO

lei 195.10

Price / piece.

The set contains:

► Silicone mug for drinking / transport,

► Cover

► Coffee dosing spoon

► MicroFiltre paper 350 pieces,

► Support for filters,

► Foldable mixing spoon,

The AeroPress Go is carefully designed to offer all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress, plus a convenient drinking cup that doubles as a carrying case.

Just like the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go produces delicious coffee - American, espresso or iced.

AeroPress Go is optimized for travel, camping or just going to work, making it convenient and easy to take AeroPress with you.

Its smart design will ensure that you will never run out of freshly brewed coffee, wherever you go.

Alternative Coffee Maker [AeroPress] GO

Alternative Coffee Maker [AeroPress] GO

lei 195.10
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The ideal device for preparing coffee while traveling, ... or when you stay at home.

With AeroPress Go you can prepare the same coffee as with the Original AeroPress, only the storage dimensions are different.

Its design was thought to be easy to transport, either for travel, camping or to be taken to the workplace.

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