Manual Coffee Grinder, WOOD [HARIO] CM-502C Coffee Mill Column
  • Manual Coffee Grinder, WOOD [HARIO] CM-502C Coffee Mill Column

Manual Coffee Grinder, WOOD [HARIO] CM-502C Coffee Mill Column

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The Hario Column coffee grinder has ceramic knives that reduce the frictional heat between the blades and the coffee beans, slow down the oxidation process of the ground coffee, keeping the qualities until the preparation.

It has a fully adjustable crank and cover that attaches tightly to the grinder body.

In addition, the lid has a door that can be closed, thus ensuring that the coffee beans do not spill during grinding.

The wooden outer body offers durability and ample grinding capacity.

It catches the attention of everyone who sees it.


Manual Coffee Grinder, WOOD [HARIO] CM-502C Coffee Mill Column

Manual Coffee Grinder, WOOD [HARIO] CM-502C Coffee Mill Column

lei 198.98
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HARIO Column Coffe Mill - Handcrafted solid wood grinder with ceramic grinding discs that do not transfer heat during grinding, thus protecting the beans and grindstone from early oxidation.

Grinding can be adjusted before the detachable crank is mounted.

Capacity of 40 grams.

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