V60 Glass Range Coffee Server, Size 01 [HARIO] XGSR-36TB, 360ml
  • V60 Glass Range Coffee Server, Size 01 [HARIO] XGSR-36TB, 360ml

V60 Glass Range Coffee Server, Size 01 [HARIO] XGSR-36TB, 360ml

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Hario V60 Clear 360m XGS-36 - high quality glass that comes from Japan and is offered to "BARISTA" bars and bartenders worldwide.

The V60 Range Server Clear series is a glass decanter and works perfectly with the V60 Dripper01.

It's a great way to let your coffee cool down a bit so you can enjoy it to the fullest.


Do not touch wet or cold surfaces when the glass is heated, otherwise it may crack. If you notice a crack on the glass, DO NOT use the product!

Do not use cleaning methods that can scratch the surface of the glass!

DO NOT use with heat sources other than the microwave!


V60 Glass Range Coffee Server, Size 01 [HARIO] XGSR-36TB, 360ml

V60 Glass Range Coffee Server, Size 01 [HARIO] XGSR-36TB, 360ml

lei 126.58

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Carafe Server V60, 1-2 Cups [HARIO] 360ml.

HARIO V60 Server 01 CLEAR insulated glass with tart. 360ml useful, maximum capacity 470ml.

The V60 Range server is a classic mug, used in cafes and at home to make coffee by hand.

If your coffee or tea has cooled too much, you can easily reheat it with a microwave.

It is made of heat-resistant glass, and the lid has a rubber gasket to keep the heat longer.

The V60 Range server has a sleek, easy-to-clean design that works great and looks great in any environment.

Compatible with HARIO V60 Drippers.

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It not only weighs but also times the preparation process.


2 ► 200g: 0.1g

200 ► 500g: 0.5g

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Maximum set time: 99 '59 "

The device turns off after 5 minutes if not in use.

Made in Japan.


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With the help of this HARIO Coffee Siphon Technique 2, you can prepare coffee in a more unusual way: after heating, the water rises in the container above and at the same time comes into contact with the ground coffee, then the prepared coffee is filtered in the bottom container.

With the help of this soda, coffee can be prepared even at home, without fail.

The HARIO Tehnica siphon prepares coffee by contracting and expanding the air pressure in the bottom container.

This Vacuum Pot method - prepares coffee for 2 people in just a few minutes.

Although an alcohol burner is included in the package, for safety reasons it is empty.

So you have to buy alcohol and your favorite coffee separately.


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Eliminate the possibility of scratching your glassware by using this accessory.

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An essential part of any coffee enthusiast's home kit.

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V60 Coffee Dripper [HARIO]...

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Hario V60 Coffee Dripper is a conical coffee dripper, iconic - recognized worldwide.

In the box you will also find the measuring spoon for coffee.

It is considered revolutionary and helps you filter and brew coffee to strict standards.

V60 droppers are available in sizes 01, 02 and 03.

The 01 model is perfect for making one cup of coffee for one person, while the 02 and 03 models will allow you to brew a little more.

If this will be your first drip coffee maker, we recommend you check out the V60 brewing guides to help you get the most out of your coffee.

Made of Transparent Plastic

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