ZEBRANG [HARIO] ZB-CC-50B Coffee Canister
  • ZEBRANG [HARIO] ZB-CC-50B Coffee Canister

ZEBRANG [HARIO] ZB-CC-50B Coffee Canister

lei 113.35

Price / piece.

Container with tight closure, for storing coffee beans or ground coffee of approx. 50 g.

Thank you for purchasing this HARIO product.

Please read the instruction manual carefully before use. After reading the manual, keep it in a safe place for future reference.


ZEBRANG [HARIO] ZB-CC-50B Coffee Canister

ZEBRANG [HARIO] ZB-CC-50B Coffee Canister

lei 113.35
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To open: twist counterclockwise and pull up at the same time.

To close: use both hands as shown above to push down until you hear a 'pop' sound.

Do not press down on the outer cover with your fingertips.

To place the inner lid: slightly bend the inner lid and insert it into the container. P

to remove the inner cover: push down one part of the inner cover to lift another part up.

Use your fingertips to remove the inner cover.

The sealed cap may not work well if the rubber part inside the cap has fallen off. Make sure there is no gap between the rubber gasket and the cap by pressing down on the gasket deep into the bottom of the cap.

*(!) Do not use in dishwasher or microwave oven.

Do not place near flames or high temperature areas.

Product care

• Wipe with a soft, damp, almost wrung-out cloth. Alcohol and disinfectant spray can be used for cleaning. However, you should immediately wipe off all the liquid with a soft, dry cloth. It is recommended to completely dry the product before use.

• Rust may occur if the product is left unattended with surface moisture. Please stop using the product if this happens,

• If there is unattended rust on the product, the rust can spread to any other items it comes into contact with

• Do not use to store liquids or gels.

• Do not refrigerate, as sudden changes in temperature can form condensed water vapor that can cause the product to rust.

• Do not put in the freezer.

• Do not drop or apply any impact to avoid product damage.

• In the unlikely event that the product is accidentally damaged, handle any broken pieces with care.

• Comply with local waste disposal regulations when disposing of this product.

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lei 29.88 Price


Price / piece.

Thank you for purchasing this HARIO product.

• The compact design enables the handle to be held within the band part or carry around easily.

• The burrs are long-lasting.

• The burr section can be disassembled for washing.

Depending on brewing equipment, we recommend the Granule Size:

► V60 Paper filter -> Medium-Fine / Medium (Between granulated and crystalized sugar)

► Cloth filter -> Medium / Coarse (Crystallized sugar size)

► Syphon -> Medium-Fine / Medium / Coarse

► Water dripper -> Fine / Medium-Fine (Granulated sugar size)

► Coffee maker -> Medium-Fine / Medium

► French Press -> Medium

Please be sure to read the instruction manual thoroughly prior to use.

After reading the manual, store it in a safe place for future reference.


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