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INTERCONNECTABLE Floor Mat 91,5 *91,5cm - Anti-Slip Rubber
  • INTERCONNECTABLE Floor Mat 91,5 *91,5cm - Anti-Slip Rubber
  • Floor Mat - Black Rubber, Interconnectable

INTERCONNECTABLE Floor Mat 91,5 *91,5cm - Anti-Slip Rubber

lei 176.43

Price / piece. 

Rubber bar-floor, saves costs (broken bottles-glasses) and offers comfort to bartenders.

High-performance rubber bar mat, especially for bars where there is a danger of slipping or breaking bottles, is ideal for providing comfort for standing, anti-fatigue and anti-slip.

2 of the 4 edges can be combined with another carpet.

INTERCONNECTABLE Floor Mat 91,5 *91,5cm - Anti-Slip Rubber

INTERCONNECTABLE Floor Mat 91,5 *91,5cm - Anti-Slip Rubber

lei 176.43
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► Rubber mat, ideal for use in bar, kitchen, restaurant, outdoor terrace, boat, as well as in warehouses or other industrial areas where humidity and heavy foot traffic are a problem.

► Drainage mat, using good quality materials, made of high quality environmentally friendly rubber, durable and long lasting.

► Kitchen floor mat, the holes and perforated design of this multi-purpose rug trap dirt. Simply clean the carpet with water to remove any dirt or grease.

► Anti-fatigue mat, reduces spinal tension during a work shift, compared to working directly on the floor.

► It will help prevent dangerous accidents, save money! Bottles dropped on the ground will break less often.


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Use protective equipment to prevent accidents!


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