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  • BAMBOO Straw, Reusable (Straight)

BAMBOO Straw, Reusable (Straight)

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With the unusual but all natural Bamboo Straws can give your cocktails a tropical touch, perfect for Hawaiian and Tiki themed parties.

Made from sustainable bamboo, these straws offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, and are both biodegradable and reusable.

BAMBOO Straw, Reusable (Straight)

lei52.78 lei54.98 Save 4%

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BAMBOO Straw, Reusable (Straight) 

How To Clean Your Bamboo Straws:

Boil the Bamboo Straws in a 1:4 mix of vinegar and water for 20 minutes. Allow to air-dry.

  • Straight drinking straws
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Reusable and biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws
  • Perfect for cocktails
  • Ideal for Hawaiian and Tiki parties

Pack Contains: 10 x Bamboo Straws

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