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ELIXIR Nr.2 Bitter Bottle [BORMIOLI] with Pourer 100ml
  • ELIXIR Nr.2 Bitter Bottle [BORMIOLI] with Pourer 100ml

ELIXIR Nr.2 Bitter Bottle [BORMIOLI] with Pourer 100ml

lei 54.13

Price / piece.

Decorative bottle for bitter with a volume of 100ml.

Theese Bottles are provided with a dash pourer for controlled dosing.

Made by Bormioli (IT)


ELIXIR Nr.2 Bitter Bottle [BORMIOLI] with Pourer 100ml

ELIXIR Nr.2 Bitter Bottle [BORMIOLI] with Pourer 100ml

lei 54.13
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Bitter Bottle ELIXIR Nr.2 [BORMIOLI] 100ml, with Dash Pourer.

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100 ML
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1 Piece
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Luigi Bormioli is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality, extra-clear crystal glass in northern Italy. Technological knowledge and manufacturing skills acquired over generations of glass manufacturing activity allow Luigi Bormioli to constantly innovate its product range and offer new solutions on the market.


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