DRINKING JAR for Lemonade, 473ml
  • DRINKING JAR / Caraffe for Lemonade, 473ml
  • Lemonade Jar
  • DRINKING JAR for Lemonade, 473ml

DRINKING JAR for Lemonade, 473ml

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Drinking Jar for lemonade or cocktail (Kentucky Lemonade) 473ml .

The "Farm to Shaker" trend leads us to fresh ingredients, thus ensuring delicious fruit aromas.

The benefits of fresh, local and seasonal food inspire new cocktails and elegant, appropriate presentations.

The producer, through the line of glasses and carafes, wants to come to the aid of the bartenders. Think about the intense flavors you provide to cocktails, using the freshest possible ingredients instead of unnecessary additives and corn syrup.

If you roll / press the citrus fruits on the cutting board before squeezing, they actually break the cell walls, allowing the fruit to release more juice.

DRINKING JAR for Lemonade, 473ml

DRINKING JAR for Lemonade, 473ml

lei 10.47

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Drinking Jar carafe for lemonade, smoothie or cocktail (Kentucky Lemonade).

Raspberry Mojito Ingredient:

60ml Rum, 40ml Raspberry Puree, 30ml Lime juice, 10 Mint leaves, 15ml Sugar syrup, Soda Water.

Preparation: Add ice cubes together with the rest of the ingredients in the "Blender". It does NOT require much processing time !!!

After preparation, pour into the "Drinking Jar".

Decorate with mint and raspberry leaves.

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