Set of KORIKO® TIN +TIN Boston Shaker [Cocktail KINGDOM] Weighted
  • Set of KORIKO® TIN +TIN Boston Shaker [Cocktail KINGDOM] Weighted

Set of KORIKO® TIN +TIN Boston Shaker [Cocktail KINGDOM] Weighted

lei 164.22

Price / set.

• The set of 2 weighted shakers, Koriko® has a capacity of 2 drinks.

• Koriko® tins are designed for a tight fit (no spatter during handling), with easier separation after shaking.

• Small speed tin shaker: 18 oz (532 ml) and 28 oz (830 ml) Boston shaker.

• Stainless food steel 18/8.


Set of KORIKO® TIN +TIN Boston Shaker [Cocktail KINGDOM] Weighted

Set of KORIKO® TIN +TIN Boston Shaker [Cocktail KINGDOM] Weighted

lei 164.22

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Boston Shaker TIN + TIN KORIKO® [Cocktail Kingdom] Weighted, made up of Boston Shaker 28oz and Shaker Speed Tin 18oz.


Data sheet

Silver / Metal
Shiny / Polished
Weight - Kg:
MINIMUM quantity to order:
1 Piece
Informative - Nr pcs. / set:
Tariff Code:
7323 9300

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