CAPRI Cocktail / Lemonade glass [PASABAHCE] 380ml 44872
  • CAPRI Cocktail / Lemonade glass [PASABAHCE] 380ml 44872

CAPRI Cocktail / Lemonade glass [PASABAHCE] 380ml

lei 9.82

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

Informative: 24 pieces / set.

Capri glass for lemonade or cocktail, tulip shape, volume 380ml.


CAPRI Cocktail / Lemonade glass [PASABAHCE] 380ml 44872

CAPRI Cocktail / Lemonade glass [PASABAHCE] 380ml

lei 9.82

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CAPRI Cocktail / Lemonade Glass [PASABAHCE] 380ml.

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12 Pcs.
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