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CARATS Beverage glass, 410ml (LIBBEY) Ice Tea
  • CARATS Beverage glass, 410ml (LIBBEY) Ice Tea
  • CARATS glass, 410ml (LIBBEY)
  • CARATS Beverage glass, 410ml (LIBBEY)
  • Carats glasses

CARATS Beverage glass, 410ml (LIBBEY)

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It is sold in multiples of 12 pieces

This unique glass is designed with a retro-inspired, diamond look and heavy weight construction, making it ideal for serving cocktails, water, or even juice. 

Top Diameter: 3 1/8" 

Bottom Diameter: 2 5/8" 

Height: 6 1/8" 

Capacity: 14 oz.

CARATS Beverage glass, 410ml (LIBBEY) Ice Tea

CARATS Beverage glass, 410ml (LIBBEY)

lei 13.42 lei 14.91 Save 10%
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Captivate your customers with this stunning Libbey Carats 14 oz. beverage glass!

Sturdy and classic in appearance, this Carats glass maintains Libbey's long-time standards of extraordinarily durable products. Able to stand up against the toughest restaurant and bar environments, this beverage glass is a must-have addition to any commercial establishment. The roomy 14 oz. capacity of the Carats glass is perfect for serving a variety of drinks on your menu. 

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Capture the attention of guests with this gorgeous Mixing / Stirring Glass - Carats from Libbey

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The design is a mixture of small and large diamonds.

Its volume of 747 ml allows you to prepare 2 cocktails at once to save time and energy. In addition, the rather accentuated beak facilitates simple and elegant casting.

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Bottom Diameter: 3 5/8" 

Maximum Diameter: 2 7/8" 

Height: 4 1/8" 

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