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Champagne / Wine Cooler 34 Ø STAINLESS STEEL - for 2-3 Bottles
  • Champagne / Wine Cooler 34 Ø STAINLESS STEEL - for 2-3 Bottles

LARGE Champagne / Wine Cooler 34 Ø, for 2-3 Bottles

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Price / piece.

LARGE stainless metal shaker, for several bottles (Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, etc.).

Diameter of 34 Ø.


Champagne / Wine Cooler 34 Ø STAINLESS STEEL - for 2-3 Bottles

LARGE Champagne / Wine Cooler 34 Ø, for 2-3 Bottles

lei 147.83 lei 153.99 Save 4%
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Big Size Champagne / Wine Cooler 34 Ø STAINLESS STEEL, for 2-3 Bottles, perfect for parties.

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Champagne Stopper - CHROME...

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Champagne Stopper / Dop Sampanie After opening a bottle of champagne, there are cases in which we have to keep the contents of the bottle cold.

The champagne cork is helpful because it maintains the carbonated content of this noble drink.

It is easy to use: after placing the cap on the bottle, close the side clips until it locks at the bottom (the head of the bottle).

Recommended for most types of bottles of champagne, prosecco or sparkling wines.

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The sabre sword is used at various events / tastings where you want to open a bottle of champagne through the process called sabre / SABRAGE.

Although it is very spectacular, certain safety measures must be taken (the audience must keep their distance from the person who opens the champagne, it is recommended to wear protective glasses for the person who does the sabring, etc.)

• Stainless steel reinforced with vacuum casting

• Handle features chevron pattern with textured grip

• The beveled edge helps to slide the sword towards the neck of the bottle

CAUTION: the sabering technique must be performed by experienced people!

Champagne must be kept in the refrigerator at least 4 hours before opening.


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COUPETINI Rèmy Savage...

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Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Part of the Nude range of Crystal Glassware, Savage has been created in collaboration with Remy Savage the award winning mixologist!

These glasses all feature simple and delicate designs.

Brilliance, high transparency and clarity, extreme purity.

Extremely high durability withstanding more than 5000 industrial dishwashing cycles (2000 for household).

Enhancement in deliverance of aroma, color and flavor to create the urtmost in drinking pleasure.

High breakage resistence, crafted with perfection.


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EFFERVESCENT Champagne Flute (Crystal) glass [C&S] 200ml Quick view
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Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

This glass is designed for optimal oxygenation, with its innovative shape and edge design concentrates the rich aromas of sparkling wines for a complete tasting experience.

► Extra strong crystal: KRYSTA

► 30% more edge strength compared to standard crystal items on the market.

► Transparency index = 98.8. Greater purity and transparency.

► Retains its original qualities even after 2000 industrial cycles in a professional dishwasher (1000 cycles for household use).

Made in France by ARC.

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