[CAFETTO] EVO (Organic) - Espresso Machine Group Cleaner, 500g
  • [CAFETTO] EVO (Organic) - Espresso Machine Group Cleaner, 500g

[CAFETTO] EVO (Organic) - Espresso Machine Group Cleaner, 500g

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With its fast soluble formula, CAFETTO EVO® eliminates deposits and stains caused by coffee fats and oils, improving the taste and aroma of espresso.

Ingredients are rapidly biodegradable and odorless.

No genetically modified ingredients, no phosphates or chlorine.

Anti-corrosion formula, designed to protect the machine.

Made in Australia.

Keep out of reach of children!
Wash your hands after use!
Wear goggles and protective gloves!
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, remove contact lenses and continue washing.
In case of an accident, show the doctor the product label!

Use Gloves and Goggles!   Keep out of reach of children!

[CAFETTO] EVO (Organic) - Espresso Machine Group Cleaner, 500g

[CAFETTO] EVO (Organic) - Espresso Machine Group Cleaner, 500g

lei 38.97
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What is Cafetto EVO?

Cafetto EVO is a revolutionary new cleaning range from Cafetto. The range is totally organic and biodegradable. But not only that it cleans better and kinder on your expensive equipment. 

No Chemical Residue

Also there is no chemical residue left behind to mess with your delicious coffee. Its odour free and great for anyone who doesn't want the concern of chemical residue.

Features and Benefits:

EVO ingredients are all rapidly biodegradable meeting international standards and all ingredients are found in food or derived from plants. 

Cafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for espresso, coffee brewing and dispensing equipment. Cafetto prides itself on innovative and thoughtful solutions always keeping abreast of customers' needs to ensure a clean machine every time. 

Get the best from your equipment, keep it Cafetto Clean.

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Safety Data Sheet - Cafetto EVO (English)

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