CLEAN BOX - Espresso Machine Cleaning Kit
  • Espresso Machine Cleaning Kit
  • CLEAN BOX - Espresso Machine Cleaning Kit

CLEAN BOX [JoeFrex] Espresso Machine Cleaning Kit

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It is absolutely necessary to clean the espresso machine and the coffee grinder, in order to enjoy a quality espresso!

The basic products in this kit can be indispensable in this regard.

The kit contains:

► 1 *500g CLEAN POWDER Detergent - Cleaned powder for Espresso Machines GROUP

► 1 *500g CLEAN GRIND Detergent - Clean dust for Grinder / Coffee Grinder

► 1 *500ml CLEAN STEAM Detergent - Cleaning liquid for the Milk heating system for Cappuccino [Steamer]

► 1 *500ml CLEAN BOILER Detergent - Cleans the water heating system in the Espressor [Boiler]

► 1 * Brush for cleaning the portafilter dripper

► 1 * Brush for cleaning the steam pipe [Steamer]

► 1 * Multilayer Microfiber Cloth for Steamer cleaning


CLEAN BOX - Espresso Machine Cleaning Kit

CLEAN BOX [JoeFrex] Espresso Machine Cleaning Kit

lei 188.31
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Clean Your Machine !

The SET contains the products necessary for the daily hygiene of the espresso machine and the coffee grinder.

Professional Barista Quality


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Filter Opener/ Portafilter...

Price / piece.

Daily cleaning of the espresso machine is recommended, which also includes cleaning the portafilter arm.

With the help of this opener, you can easily detach the stuck sieve from the portafilter.

Use with extra care, do NOT injure yourself!


lei 31.04 Price

RETRO Espresso Machine

  • Type: Espresso Coffee Maker
  • Housing  Material: Aluminum
  • Power (W): 1260
  • Voltage (V): 220-230
  • Model Number: 210
  • Color: Red
  • Pump: Italian ULKA
  • Pumppressure: 10 bars
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • N.W./G.W.: 8.5 
    • KG / 9.7 KG
    • Water Tank Capacity: 1L
lei 2,201.50 Price

BLIND Filter 58 Ø for...

Price / piece.

Blind filters are used to clean the head of the espresso machine's group.

It is recommended to add a tablespoon of powder detergent to the sieve in order to decompose the coffee oils.

Recommended for:

► Elba IV 962_2

► Astoria03 Grup CTS 05

► Aurora Brugnetti AU01A; AU03

► BFC-Royal BF04

► Brasilia BE BR04A; BR04B; BR04C;

► Bezzera BZ02

► Carimali CA03

► Casadio CAS03

► Cymbals CI07

► Faema FA06F

► Futurmat - Aries FU02

► Gaggia - Saeco GA02

► Grimac - Fiorenzato GF05

► The Marzocco MZ02

► New Simonelli NS05

► The Pavoni PV03F

► Rancilio RA04

► La Scala - Symphony SC04F

► San Remo SR04

► Victoria Arduino VA02

► VBM VB04

► Wega WE06F

lei 9.98 Price

Barista Steam Cloth...

Price / piece.

This cloth is specially designed for cleaning the steam pipe (steamer) of the coffee machine.

It has 3 layers: black microfibers + silicone + gray microfibers.

The gray part is for wiping the steam lance (steamer), and the black part for cleaning surfaces and other parts of the machine.

Special integrated silicone prevents steam and hot water from entering the cloth and allows you to wipe the steam pipe while working with the hot surface.

by [JoeFrex]


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