Rubber (Universal) Blind Filter Ø 50 for Espresso Machine Cleaning
  • Rubber (Universal) Blind Filter Ø 50 for Espresso Machine Cleaning

Rubber (Universal) Blind Filter Ø 50 for Espresso Machine Cleaning

lei 9.98

Price / piece.

Universal Filter Rubber Cap (Replacement Blind Screen), universal size.

Material: EPDM, diameter 50 mm

Suitable for:

► Astoria CMA (mod. Sabrina),

► Bianchi (mod. Lucia, Sara, Sofia),

► Carimali ( mod. Cento50, E9, Eco, Eta Beta, Eta Beta V2, Kikko, Pratica, Systema, Tema, Tema Style, Uno ),

► Casadio (mod. Dafne, Dieci, Dodici, Quindici, Undici, Venti),

► Cimbali (mod. M20, M21, M24, M25, M27, M-27, M28, M29, M30, M31, M32, M39-GT ),

► Elektra,

► Expobar (mod. Diamant, EB61, g10, Markus, Markus Silver, Megacrem, Monroc, New Elegance, Office),

► Faema (mod. Carisma A/S, Emblema, E71, Enova, Teprema, Teorema A/S ), 

► etc...

Rubber (Universal) Blind Filter Ø 50 for Espresso Machine Cleaning

Rubber (Universal) Blind Filter Ø 50 for Espresso Machine Cleaning

lei 9.98
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Rubber Filter Cap (Replacement Blind Screen), universal size.

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lei 335.02 Regular price lei 348.98 Price

BLIND Filter 53 Ø for...

Price / piece.

Blind filters are used to wash the head of the group.

A stainless steel blind filter is always the best option because it fits tightly in the filter holder and withstands high pressure, thus cleaning the assembly perfectly, allowing pressure to be released through the expansion valve and not through the filter holder holes. / p>

It is recommended to add a tablespoon of powder detergent (DUSTY or PULY CAFF) to the sieve in order to decompose the coffee oils.

These products are important for any bartender and any cafe because of their functionality.

Recommended for:

► Astoria03 Grup CTS 05

► The SP02F Space

► Wega WE06F Ø 52

► Wega WE06P Ø 53

► Devices with universal Ø 52 group

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Price / piece.

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Equipped with small holes - MICROHOLES.

Original article code La Spaziale 1944.

Recommended for devices:

► Astoria

► La Spaziale

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