Instant Cooler with CO2 Gas [FRUCOSOL]

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Instant Cooler with CO2 Gas for perfect serve of wines or other kind of drinks.

Instant Cooler with CO2 Gas [FRUCOSOL]

lei 2,999.00
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Application Description:

The liquid carbon dioxide taken from the immersion tube bottles is sprayed into the glasses to be cooled.

Due to the very low temperature of the liquid gas, the cooling is instantaneous.

Gas Consumption: With a 7.5 kg bottle of CO2 gas can cool about 100 glasses of wine

Can be applied: bars, terraces, restaurants, events


Cooling of glasses is done immediately before using them.

It does not require electricity for cooling.

Enrich the flavor of the drinks as the ice formed does not melt or change their taste.

The process ensures a high level of hygiene because the glasses are sterilized by the cooling process due to the carbon dioxide property of inhibiting bacteria.

The quality of services offered to drinkers increases.

The visual effect obtained during the preparation of beverages is a special one.

Gas and Equipment Required:

-carbon dioxide bottles equipped with immersion tube

-Frucosol instant cooler machine


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