Cobbler Shaker ENGRAVED (REPLICA) [YUKIWA] Medium 500ml
  • Cobbler Shaker ENGRAVED (REPLICA) [YUKIWA] Medium 500ml

Cobbler Shaker ENGRAVED (REPLICA) [YUKIWA] Medium 500ml

lei 198.73

Price / piece.

Cobbler Shaker (REPLICA) [YUKIWA] Medium size 500ml.

Engraved with Royal Flower motifs.

Professional quality.

It is an indispensable accessory for your bar


Washing in the washing machine is not recommended! Clean manually with liquid detergent, thus avoiding scratching the surface.

Cobbler Shaker ENGRAVED (REPLICA) [YUKIWA] Medium 500ml

Cobbler Shaker ENGRAVED (REPLICA) [YUKIWA] Medium 500ml

lei 198.73
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Engraved Cobbler Shaker [YUKIWA] Medium 500ml.

Replica product, very similar to the original.

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Data sheet

500 ML
Silver / Metal
Shiny / Polished
Diameter - Øcm:
Height - cm:
Weight - Kg:
MINIMUM quantity to order:
1 Piece
Informative - Nr pcs. / set:

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