Edible Gold Leaf Flakes - 23ct, 100mg

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Gold is an edible metal. 

Gold is totally safe when ingested. It is anallergenic, neutral in taste and chemically inert.

The Eurpean Union and the United States authorize its use as a food additive, under the code E 175. Edible gold is a current trend in luxury restauration, Cocktail Bars as well as with pastry-chefs and chocolatiers.

Edible Gold Leaf Flakes - 23ct, 100mg

lei 227.29
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With this lavish gold leaf, you can give your presentation that extra exquisite edge. Simply sprinkle sweet dreams or drop into Champagne for a truly memorable display.

• Edible gold leaf flakes (23ct) - randomly cut into 2-4 mm pieces from gold leaf

• Tasteless and odourless

• Perfect for gilding and garnishing cocktails, desserts or cakes

• Vegetarian, Kosher-Friendly and suitable for all other religious groups

• Stored in a cool, dry place, gold leaf will have shelf life of approximately 10 years

• Rim your glasses or simply drop into drinks for added shimmer


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