ABSINTHE Glass - La Rochere (France)
  • ABSINTHE Glass - La Rochere (France)

ABSINTHE Glass - La Rochere (France)

ABSINTHE Glass - La Rochere (France)

ABSINTHE Glass - La Rochere (France)

ABSINTHE Glass - La Rochere (France)

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ABSINTHE Glass - La Rochere (France)


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*Absinthe Spoon and Absinthe Glass are sold SEPARATELY

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Absinthe is a very strong alcohol, which contains extract of wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), anise, fennel, angelica and other herbs. The emerald clarity of the drink is due to the abundant chlorophyll.

How to drink?

Not like today, shot ...

The classical French method required a perforated spoon. Pour absinthe on the bottom of the glass, put the spoon on top and place a cube of unrefined sugar on the spoon.

Drizzle cold water over the sugar until it dissolves and drip into the glass.

Three parts of water and one part of absinthe were usually put. The procedure therefore had something of the quality of a ritual.

* Absinthe Fountain and Absinthe Glass are purchased SEPARATELY!

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