COCOON (Crystal) Burgundy Wine glass [STÖLZLE] 712ml
  • COCOON (Crystal) Burgundy Wine glass [STÖLZLE] 712ml

COCOON (Crystal) Burgundy Wine glass [STÖLZLE] 712ml

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Cocoon Burgundy's contemporary aesthetic makes it an eye-catcher.

Delicate, light and elegant, it adds a special touch to every meal.

It is the result of an innovative development process, where the brand consciously decided to take a risk and try something new.

The aim was to combine an exceptional design with a higher degree of functionality.

Using cutting-edge technologies, a cocoon-like structure has been developed to emphasize the flavors of your favorite wine and bring them to the fore.

The longer you leave your wine in the "COCOON", the more its aroma undergoes a metamorphosis.

COCOON (Crystal) Burgundy Wine glass [STÖLZLE] 712ml

COCOON (Crystal) Burgundy Wine glass [STÖLZLE] 712ml

lei 45.36

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Cocoon has a shape inspired by the butterfly cocoon, which not only offers ample space for the wine, but also undergoes a metamorphosis allowing the concept of "flavor development" to take a completely new form, improving its aromatic profile.< /p>

This extraordinary series of glasses explores innovative methods of shaping.

Using modern techniques, a cocoon-like structure has been created that offers plenty of space for the wine and makes the concept of ""flavor development"" appear in entirely new facets.

The chalice allows optimal ventilation of your wine, so that its aromatic profile unfolds even when it is slightly rotated.

They also aimed to make the glass mouth-blown and put a lot of effort into making both the delicate glass walls and the particularly finely drawn stem that completes the Cocoon taste experience.

While your wine rests in the cocoon, its flavors undergo a fascinating metamorphosis over time.

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710 ML
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6 pcs.
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