PRIMOKKA "Italian Presso" Blend [SEMIRAMIS] Coffee Beans 1Kg
  • PRIMOKKA "Italian Presso" Blend [SEMIRAMIS] Coffee Beans 1Kg

Primokka ITALIAN PRESSO Blend [SEMIRAMIS] Coffee Beans 1Kg

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Primokka coffee beans "Italian Presso"

Blend roasted coffee beans by "SemiramiS" - a perfect combination for a good espresso.

The blend of 30% robusta with 70% arabica has a low caffeine content but still a strong Italian-style aroma.

Expiry date: 1 year from the date of roasting.

PRIMOKKA "Italian Presso" Blend [SEMIRAMIS] Coffee Beans 1Kg

Primokka ITALIAN PRESSO Blend [SEMIRAMIS] Coffee Beans 1Kg

lei 82.81
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Semiramis - PRIMOKKA "Italian Presso" Blend - Coffee Beans, bag of 1Kg.

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